10 tips to help you take care of the elderly

It is important that the elderly are properly cared for, in order to maintain their physical and mental health. Here are 10 tips to help you care for them.

Many people are unaware of the many needs of elderly people and how to take care of them properly. But it’s important to be aware of them.

Lack of attention and improper care can result in conditions like depression, mood disorders, bad mental health and physical health problems. People can also fail to feel a sense of belonging or purpose in life. So here are 10 things you need to know about caring for the elderly which are followed by Skylark Senior Home Care.

1) Arrange proper care for them

Studies say that more than 80% of seniors prefer to stay in their homes as they age. Here is whY:

  • It gives them a sense of independence and well being during the aging process.
  • They are familiar with the living space which gives them comfort.
  • They are familiar with the neighborhood and surroundings which makes it easier to ask for help and access amenities.
  • It can prevent conditions like depression and isolation which can result from being away from home.

It is important to ask your aged loved ones how they would prefer to be cared for.

If they want to stay at home, you can make the necessary arrangements for them like getting home care services from senior care Brooklyn agency. For seniors who need living assistance, arrange a care provider who will look after their daily needs. This is useful in cases where you live away from home and are unable to check in or assist the senior full time.

Many home care companies will make use of tools like the best rostering software to make sure that carers can get to patients on time each day and deliver the service that are needed.

If your loved one prefers to be in an active and social environment, you can consider a senior nursing home. Just make sure you select a nursing home which is well reputed and takes good care of the elders. You can check out Senior Site to find the best senior living option or care service for your loved one.

2) Make sure they have regular meals

As people age, it is important that they eat as healthy as possible in order to prevent various diseases associated with old age.

Aged people have a tendency to neglect their meals due to mood disorders, depression or simply a lack of interest. Neglecting meals can lead to the deterioration of their health so it is important to make sure they eat healthy and balanced meals every day.

Encouraging the consumption of foods that can be thickened ensures not only nutritional intake but also addresses specific swallowing challenges that may accompany aging. This thoughtful approach promotes both the health and well-being of the elderly.

If an elderly person is unable to cook, you can consider hiring a cook who will prepare the meals. You can also consider a senior meal delivery service which will deliver fully prepared meals suitable for elderly to their homes. Meal kits that offer affordable food delivery can even get seniors cooking again!

3) Ensure that they attend regular medical checkups

If an elderly person suffers from health conditions, they will have to undergo regular medical checkups and take the prescribed medicines. But frequently, we see seniors neglect doctor visits either because they forget or don’t want to see one.

In these cases you have to be there for them and let them know that their health is an important priority. If an elderly person is unable to drive to the hospital, you can either drive them on your own or hire a driver.

Place any medicines they need in such a way that it is easy for them to find and take. You should also check up on them and make sure they are taking their medicines at regular intervals.

4) Make their living space senior friendly

Many aged people have special needs when it comes to daily life. If your loved one is going to be staying independently, make a few changes in their home to make it more safe for them:

  • Remove obstacles and cluttered pieces of furniture in the living room to prevent bumping and knocking. There should be plenty of space for them to move around freely.
  • Find hospital beds that make it easier to get in and out of resting positions that will soothe aches and pains, and help get a restful sleep.
  • Install grab bars and benches in the bathrooms. Make sure there is plenty of support which is fastened securely.
  • Place non-skid mats or anti-slip rubber mats near slippery areas. If possible, consider installing slip resistant floors.
  • Make sure there are working lights in every area, especially the bathrooms and the staircases.

To help you efficiently execute the necessary changes, you can search for bathroom renovations near me to get everything done correctly, providing a safe and accessible environment for your elderly loved ones.

If it’s not possible to make their living space safe for them, you may want to consider alternatives, like aged care facilities in Kingswood.

5) Encourage them to exercise

Physical exercise has numerous benefits. It helps elderly people to stay fit, energized and improves their self esteem which can positively impact their mental health. It also prevents several diseases which are associated with old age.

If an elderly person hasn’t been engaged in any kind of exercise for a long time, tell them to start with something light like walking. After that, they can gradually move to more intense exercises.

6) Get them involved in social activities

Since there is a high risk of isolation and loneliness in old age, it is important that seniors stay involved in social activities and spend time with their peers.

You can get them a membership at a book club, or find a retirement home where they can meet new friends and enjoy activities in a group, gardening club or any other clubs of their choice. Simple things like playing board games and sightseeing are also beneficial for their mental health.

7) Introduce them to technology

Introducing technology to seniors can help them in numerous ways. They can learn how to order groceries and other essential items on their own when they are too unwell to go to the store. They can keep in touch with friends and family through social media. And they can take online classes and learn new things which interest them.

8) Make sure they have sufficient funds

Seniors often tend to have limited funds due to retirement or inability to work. It is important to make sure they are provided with sufficient funds to meet all their daily requirements. So check that they have enough money for their living expenses. If they struggle with financial management you may way to secure access to their bank accounts to help them.

9) Give them space

Like all people, the elderly need their own space and privacy. Checking on them every single second and fussing about them constantly will leave them frustrated and annoyed. Don’t neglect checking on them, but make sure they have their own space as well.

10) Spend time with them

Spending time with the elderly is equivalent to caring for them. If you have children, make sure they are involved in their grandparent’s lives. Include the elderly in your family trips whenever possible and give them love and attention. The more stimulated and involved they feel, the more they’ll have a sense of purpose and things to look forward t, both of which are good for their mental health.