10 TikTok accounts to help your photography skills

There really is something for everyone on TikTok, from viral dance routines, beauty tips and business hacks. But one area that does particularly well is photography.

As an art form that’s been around for centuries, photography commands its own part of TikTok where newbie to professional photographers reveal glimpses into their creative processes. For those looking to learn, TikTok is a treasure trove of insightful videos covering anything from creative photo ideas, camera setting pointers, to behind the scenes footage of photoshoots. 

For anyone starting out, or wanting to find a bit of inspiration, TikTok is a great place to turn to. Photography specialists Max Spielmann understand what it’s like to want to learn more about what you love, so they have compiled a list of their top 10 photography accounts you can turn to for tips, tricks, and helpful how-tos.

1) YK – @YK

Yik Keat, also known as YK, has amassed over two million followers on TikTok. Travelling to popular cities, YK captures scenic city landscapes from glass buildings to sunsets. Along the way, he shares his expertise through short videos highlighting tips and tricks such as self-portrait ideas, video transition techniques, and photo editing processes, to help his followers achieve similar results. 

2) Kate – @aestheticsocialmedia 

Synonymous with her pink backdrop and bright colours, Kate is a perfect example of not needing a million pound setup to achieve great results. Using different coloured paper and her boundless imagination she creates ingenious at-home fashion sets for her product placements. 

3) Andy Yong – @andyyongfilms

Andy Yong, a digital creator specialising in photo and videography, has a wealth of valuable content on TikTok. Mainly specialising in iPhone photography, he covers a wide range of topics, everything from portrait pictures, long exposures to ISO settings, giving aspiring photographers everything they need to leverage their skills. 

4) Julesandfilm – @julesandfilm 

Moving away from the digital nature of photography is NYC-based photographer Jules who only uses film to produce her cinematic photos. On her account you can find backstage views of her photoshoots, shooting tips, film type recommendations, and posing techniques. 

5) Takumi Shyegun – @takumi.shyegun

Takumi Shyegun, a freelance photographer based in Tokyo, has dedicated his TikTok to in-depth educational videos and tutorials for both camera and smartphone photography. He teaches everything from camera basics, lighting techniques, and editing presets, there’s so much you can utilise to improve your photo skills. 

6) JD The Camera Guy – @jdthecameraguy

With one of the largest followings on TikTok, JD uses an iPhone as his main photography tool. He creates handy content around building on the essentials for photography, from lighting techniques, posing tips, selfie ideas, and more!

7) David Suh – @davidsuh 

This time focusing on being on the other side of the camera, LA-based portrait photographer David Suh shows how to achieve natural and effortless poses. Whether you want to make your subjects more comfortable, or to pose yourself, David’s videos share how to feel more photogenic, look taller, or simply feel more comfortable in pictures to enhance your final results. 

8) 87 Shots – @87shots

87 Shots has a great way of demonstrating his keen eye for scenic photo and videography. Coming from London, the city has served as the inspiration for most of his work. Alongside his portfolio, he provides tutorials ranging from long-exposure techniques, car photography, in-depth to camera specifications and reviews. 

9) HDMD Lighting – @hmdfilm_

As a fashion photographer and lighting specialist, Holy’s content places a strong emphasis on the role of lighting in photography. She demonstrates how it can make and break your work, often in studio setups or capturing in outside locations she makes sure to use lighting as a focal point in everything she produces. 

10) Karen X – @karenxcheng

Looking to the future is photographer and director Karen X. In the same way you can, her work is centred around using state of the art technology to give her photography an edge. She regularly turns to augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and special effects editing to add imaginative and unconventional elements to her work.

Photo by Marco Xu