10 small businesses you can start with little-to-no investment

Are you eager to start a business but worried about the monetary investment you’ll have to make? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that some businesses require little to no startup capital. 

Instead, they rely more on your skills, creativity, and determination to get them off the ground. 

From offering digital marketing services to being a sustainability consultant, there are plenty of low-cost options out there. This guide will introduce you to several businesses that you can start with limited funds while still dipping your toes into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

10 small businesses you can start with little money

Starting a business is often seen as being an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right skills and planning, you can start the following businesses with little money. 

1) Virtual or personal assistant 

As a virtual assistant, you’re hired to render administrative services to clients from a remote location. Your tasks may include scheduling appointments, managing emails and social media, or even handling customer service roles. What you’ll do depends on your client’s needs.

One advantage of this type of business is that the startup costs are quite low. All you need is a reliable computer, a high-speed internet connection, and excellent communication skills. With many businesses struggling to balance their workload, this service is in high demand.

2) Event planning services

Launching an event planning business can be an exciting venture if you have a flair for organization and a passion for making things look beautiful. Whether it’s planning corporate gatherings or organizing a wedding, event planners help clients coordinate every detail. 

While you may need some design software to sketch out plans, the initial costs are low. This business thrives on networking and word-of-mouth recommendations, so having good customer service skills is essential. Being detail-oriented and creative will go a long way in this industry.

3) Social media consultant

Embarking on a business as a social media consultant could be ideal if you’re savvy with social media platforms and understand how to use them effectively for business promotion. This role entails managing a company’s online presence, creating engaging content, and utilizing SEO. 

With the world leaning more towards digital marketing, the demand for these services is high, and they’ll continue to be high. Remarkably, aside from investing in some online courses to hone your skills (if necessary), the startup costs are minimal as all work is done virtually.

4) Pest control business

To start a pest control business, you’ll mainly need your expertise, essential equipment, and a trusty vehicle. What sets this business apart is the efficient management of operations, particularly in billing. For instance, implementing a robust pest control invoicing solution will simplify payment procedures and accounting and enhance service delivery to your clients. 

The beauty of this venture is that it’s always in demand. Pests are persistent problems in homes and offices alike! So why not turn this problem-solving talent into a profitable small business?

5) Tutoring

Consider becoming an online tutor. The upside of tutoring is that you can operate this business from the comfort of your home with minimal initial investment. You just need a reliable internet connection, a good computer or laptop, and potentially some software for video calls. 

With more individuals seeking personal growth and development opportunities, these services are in growing demand across various disciplines, from academic subjects to art and music.

6) Sustainability consultant

If you have a knack for consulting and the environment, this job is for you. As a consultant, you’d assist companies in reducing their environmental footprints by providing guidance on issues like energy use, waste management, and sustainable business practices. Notably, the cost to start such a service is relatively low as you can work remotely or visit client locations. 

With an increased global focus on sustainability, companies across various sectors are keen to adopt more responsible business approaches, contributing to the rising demand in this field.

7) Digital marketing services

Consider launching a digital marketing agency if you’re skilled in SEO, content creation, PPC advertising, or social media. This business operates by helping companies increase online visibility, reach their target market, and attract leads through digital channels. 

The startup costs can be quite low since operations can run remotely. All you’ll need is a computer and robust internet connectivity. The main expense might be educating yourself through courses and certifications to stay updated with the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

8) Freelance graphic designer 

If you think you can market your services, become a designer. As a graphic designer, you can work on various projects ranging from designing logos to creating promotional materials or illustrating concepts. The primary startup costs include high-powered software and a computer that can handle it, which could be small investments considering your potential earnings. 

This career path offers flexibility and creativity, and given the continuous demand for visual content across multiple industries, it assures consistent opportunities for work in the long run.

9) Cover letter and resume writer

If you have a knack for writing and experience in job recruitment, becoming a cover letter and resume writer could be an excellent small business opportunity. This service is crucial in helping job seekers stand out, as their applications need to project professionalism and competence. 

Starting this venture requires minimal financial investment. All you’ll need are writing skills, a computer, and the ability to sell your services successfully. Keep up with trends in various industries so that you can tailor each client’s documents to suit potential employers’ needs.

10) Video producer

Like video? Become a video producer! Good storytelling and technical skills could help businesses, influencers, or individuals showcase their offerings or document milestones effectively. Your initial investment would involve quality video equipment and editing software. 

Yet, the demand for high-quality video content across various platforms like YouTube, Instagram Reels, or TikTok significantly outweighs the startup costs. Plus, gaining new skills in this vibrant field can also contribute to personal development over time and lead to exciting roles.

11) Cleaning 

And here’s a bonus idea! If you’re a tidy and organised person cleaning is a great business to start. You don’t need any experience to get into this line of work and you can start on a small scale and grow the business as and when you’re ready.

The beauty of this venture lies not only in the consistently high demand for cleaners but also in the relatively modest startup costs. Your initial investment may be directed towards quality cleaning supplies, basic equipment, and perhaps a dependable vehicle for transportation to clients’ locations, but you can start with next to nothing. 

Entrepreneurship doesn’t always require investment

Jumping into entrepreneurship doesn’t have to mean making a significant up-front investment. As explored in the options above, there’s a vast array of small businesses that can be started without breaking the bank. The key is to find a path that suits your skills and passions.