10 feng shui bedroom tips to help you have a better night’s sleep

What does your bedroom represent for you? Is it a place of relaxation, a place of finding harmony within yourself, or a shared space of love?

Our bedrooms are much more than rooms where we sleep. The bedroom is our sanctuary. It’s imbued with our hopes and dreams, our personal aura. It’s that sacred space where we can strip off the burdens of the day and be our true selves.

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of designing our physical environments in an energetically harmonious way, recognises the importance of the bedroom for our wellbeing and sleep quality. Feng shui is both an art and a science that facilitates a wholesome relationship between the elements, their energy, and our physical space.

Feng shui is a vast source of wisdom but you don’t have to wade through all the books to find out how to design your bedroom for better sleep. This checklist covers all the basics you need to align your bedroom space and enjoy a good night’s sleep (like you deserve to).

1) Check your bedroom layout

The first thing you need to pay attention to when applying feng shui to your bedroom design is your bedroom layout; specifically, where your bed is placed. 

Ideally, your bed should be placed diagonally across from the door, not right opposite it. Make sure that it’s central in the room and that there is space on both sides of the bed to allow for free energy flow with a view to the door. This is a powerful position that will help you feel safe while you sleep.

Feng shui expert Ashely Peacock also advises lifting the bed off the floor to allow the proper energy flow. This is not only going to benefit your wellbeing, but it’s also a really fun and unique way to sleep that will definitely get you into the swing of sleep. Check out pre-made hanging bed designs or indulge in some DIY work.

2) Don’t block your window

The window lets the light and healing energy flow into your room during the day, so don’t block it with your bed or another object. As Qi energy flows through the window, it can disturb your sleep if your bed is beneath it. Make sure you open the window for at least 10 minutes a day to circulate the energy in the room.

When you go to sleep, draw the curtains or the blinds to create a sense of security.

3) Choose the right headboard

The headboard represents your foundation in life. To invite more grounding energy and stability, go for a solid wooden headboard. The wood element symbolises vitality and strength, it connects you with your roots and invites healthy energy into your bedroom.

4) Pick the right bedding

Feng shui takes into account the energy of the materials around us, therefore it’s important to surround ourselves with natural materials that correspond with the five elements: water, air, fire, earth, and ether (also referred to as aether or spirit).

Our bedding determines the quality of our sleep. According to Feng shui, we should opt for organic bedding that feels nice to the skin. Linen bedding, for example, is soft to the touch and breathable, adding to that home retreat feel. For an enhanced sleeping experience, check grounding products on this website.

According to Louise Rusk of Cowberry Home, a luxury linen bedding and sleep essentials retailer, “linen fabric is ideal for all the seasons as it has high air permeability and heat conductivity properties, which bestow you with warmth in the winter, and keep you cool in the summer. Moreover, it can facilitate a truly luxurious sleeping experience due to its light massaging effect”.

Make sure you change your bedding regularly to keep it fresh. If you’ve gone through a break-up recently, change the bedding to invite new energy into your life.

5) Invite more Yin energy in

When you’re asleep, you’re in a state of Yin energy, so you want your bedroom to reflect that. What is yin energy? The Yin is the energy of relaxation. It’s feminine, cold, dark, peaceful, and represented by the moon. For better sleep, invite more Yin energy into your bedroom through the tools of Feng shui.

6) Opt for dark, cooling colours

Green, blue, and teal are ideal colour choices for your bedroom if your aim is to welcome wellness, vitality, and restoration into your space.

Green is a wood element representing health, vibrancy, and rejuvenation. Green is also associated with the heart chakra and a bearer of grounding and loving energy. Use various shades of green in your bedroom, as well as teal, and don’t be afraid to play with textures.

Blue is a water element symbolising tranquillity, peace, and a free flow of energy. Blue corresponds with the throat chakra, which governs your true expression and helps you re-centre yourself. Invite the calming qualities of water into your bedroom through your favourite hues of blue.

7) Avoid sharp objects

In Feng shui, sharp objects are believed to block the free flow of energy. Although it’s difficult to completely avoid them, try and eliminate such things pointing at you. Instead, go for round objects.

8) Avoid mirrors

Mirrors in the bedroom are one of the most intriguing feng shui questions. Mirrors have a very strong Yang energy and reflect light, which can therefore disturb your sleep, especially if you can see yourself in the bed. Preferably, avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom or go for small, round ones.

Ashley Peacock advises: “If you have a mirror reflecting your bed, simply move the mirror or your bed. If you can’t move either, then at the very least cover the mirror at night when you sleep”.

9) Ban electronics

The general consensus when it comes to electronics is to keep them out of the bedroom if you want a good night’s sleep.

Scientifically speaking, blue light, emanated from electronics, can disrupt our sleep cycle. And according to Feng shui, electronics can hinder the flow of energy through the room, causing blockages and affecting your sleep negatively.

10) Remember the rule of two

Ornaments and art in the bedroom can facilitate a nice atmosphere and are aesthetically pleasing. But be careful that these objects don’t overwhelm the space. They can subconsciously distract the brain from relaxation, especially if you have sharp, spiky, and aggressive-looking objects.

Ideally, go for matching pairs to create visual symmetry, such as a candle by each bedside. This is also a great love-matching tool!

A good night’s sleep can make you feel energised, well-rested, and ready to tackle the day. That’s why implementing healthy sleep is extremely important, and it all starts with aligning the energy flow in your bedroom. Rest well with Feng shui.

Photo by Holly Stratton