10 features that make a great online casino

There are countless online casinos out there for players to try out. This can be daunting for novice players as there are too many choices, and not all players know what to look for on a gambling site.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the features that make a gambling site stand out. This doesn’t mean that every online gambling site needs to have all of these since different players have different needs, and it’s fine to look for a casino that suits you.

1) Safety

Safety is an essential feature of any online casino. Regardless of how good its games are and how much a player can earn, a site that can’t guarantee the players their safety will never garner a good reputation.

For a player, the best way to ensure a casino is safe is to have a proper license from a reputable agency. This often isn’t enough, and there are many other features to take into account, but if a gambling site isn’t licensed in the first place, it’s best to avoid it.

2) Two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is a safety measure that many gambling sites use. It’s most often used when players deposit and withdraw funds to and from a casino account. In order to do so, a player needs to authenticate their transfer using two separate devices.

That way, a player can’t deposit or withdraw funds by accident. In most cases, the players use a desktop and a mobile device and get a notification on the other device when they initiate a transfer. The system is easy to set up and protects players from unwanted transfers made from lost or stolen devices.

3) A wide array of games

The best gambling sites are the ones that can accommodate the widest array of players and provide plenty of games to choose from. Most gambling sites provide both games of luck, such as slots and crash gambling games, and games of skill, such as poker and blackjack.

The games also differ when it comes to the size of the wagers the players can make. Games with small initial wagers are great for new players as a way to learn about the games without risking too much. Higher wagers provide an opportunity to win big.

4) Mobile gambling

A gambling site should have a mobile version. It can be a separate app or a way to access and use the site using a browser on a mobile device. Most young players are used to gambling using their mobile devices first and foremost. It’s a more convenient way to play, especially when it comes to games of luck in which players don’t need to pay close attention to every turn.

A good mobile gambling site should have all the games and all the features you would find in a desktop version. It should also be equally safe to use. This includes the ability to deposit and withdraw funds and contact customer support.

5) Live dealer games

Live dealer games are streamed from real casinos, and the players take part in them in real-time. This mimics the look and feel of playing in an on-the-ground casino. It’s a very popular feature for the players, and such games are usually more trusted than the ones based on a random number generator.

Poker, roulette, and blackjack, as well as dice games, are often played live. They are popular casino games, and the extra time it takes for every player to make their move becomes useful when strategizing. It’s expected that an online casino provides at least some live dealer games as a part of a complete and comprehensive offer.

6) Transparency and clear odds

Games of luck that are based on a random number generator have clear odds for every turn and every game. The same can be said for games of skill, but they are much more volatile, even though the edge in favor of the casino can still be determined. A good online casino must be open about each game’s odds.

This allows the players to choose a game based on their chances easily. Most online casinos have the percentage displayed within the interface so that it’s easy to spot and take into account when selecting games.

7) Customer support system

Customer support is often the face of an online casino since it’s the only way a player can contact it and address their issues. It’s an especially important feature for players using online casinos from across the world, as it’s the only way to reassure them about the quality of service and its trustworthiness.

A good customer support system should always be available; it should work via multiple channels (such as calls, chats, and emails), and experts should staff it. It’s especially important for the experts to be courteous and patient.

8) Bonuses and promotions

Casinos use bonuses as a way to promote their work and to reward loyal players. Bonuses come in many different forms: sometimes they are direct deposits, sometimes they are free spins, and sometimes they match the deposits the players have made. Some casinos also provide loyalty bonuses for players who keep coming back to the site and making wagers.

Bonuses aren’t free money, at least not in most cases. They are attached to wagering requirements that the players must meet to withdraw the winnings. These wagering requirements can be steep, and sometimes the bonus isn’t worth it.

9) Payment options

There are many ways to add funds to an online casino and many ways to withdraw the winnings. An excellent online casino allows for as many payment options as possible. This includes paying with traditional fiat currency and using cryptocurrencies.

Casinos should allow payments to be made with digital wallets, debit and credit cards, and bank accounts. Some also allow payments to be added to your phone bill or to be paid in cash at some vendors. The key is looking for diversity so you have all the options when needed.

10) Simple interface

Online casinos need to have a simple and easy-to-understand interface. They can provide a great variety of games and features, but regardless, the site itself should be simple enough to use, even for a novice. Intuitive designs and layouts are especially important for players logging in from abroad, as they allow the players to use the site even if they don’t speak the language.

Online casinos are usually flashy, loud, and made to look like on-the-ground casinos, but this doesn’t prevent the actual gameplay from being accessible and easy to navigate.

How to choose the best online casino

Online casinos are a booming industry as more players are wagering online instead of visiting on-the-ground casinos. Choosing an online casino can be somewhat challenging for new players as there are so many of them to choose from, and they usually have similar services.

We’ve listed a set of features that a good online casino should have. These range from safety and reliability to ease of use and a variety of games. No casino is the best by all the criteria mentioned, but it’s a matter of finding a balance between those that are important to you and the way you plan to wager.