10 cannabis strains that may help you to study

Studying part-time or full-time is demanding. Maybe you’ve been enjoying some weed in the hopes it can help you concentrate.

Wondering if an indica strain is best for the job? Or does sativa help you focus more? Choosing which marijuana strain for pain to use is just as challenging as finding a great study method.

By exploring the different cultivars, you can make an informed decision to find the weed to help you focus. You can even get some cannabis seeds to grow it yourself.

Keep reading to discover how studying impacts your life and how choosing the right strain helps you focus and succeed at studying.

How studying impacts your life

When it comes to studying, research shows that academic stress greatly impacts students’ overall well-being. The chance of developing other conditions due to the pressure is almost inevitable.

There are various options available for students to combat stress. Besides a range of prescription drugs, alternative methods include:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Following a balanced diet
  • Learning coping mechanisms
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Herbal treatments

A popular herb among students is cannabis. As you explore various marijuana strains, consider whether you should use indica or sativa for studying. 

Differences between indica and sativa

There are three categories of cannabis available: sativa, indica, and hybrid. These classifications help you identify the strains’ appearance and effects. 

The following is a brief description of each.


This plant species usually grows tall and thin. Sativa is synonymous with a “cerebral high,” which means the effects are felt in your mind and not in your body. Many consumers report that sativa does help you focus.

Sativa weed strains are known to provide an uplifting, energizing, and motivating buzz that can make it easier for people to focus on their studies. Sativa is not as sedating as other marijuana strains, meaning that users don’t experience as much grogginess or fatigue while using Sativa. In other words, Sativa can actually boost productivity and alertness during study sessions. 


In contrast to sativa, this plant species grows shorter and bushier. Smoking it promotes a feeling of relaxation and contentment. Unlike sativa, which awakens the mind, this cultivar allows your body to decompress and muscles to unwind.

As you consider whether to use sativa or indica for studying, the latter might make you sleepy, which isn’t ideal.


A strain that combines indica and sativa is a hybrid. These cultivar’s effects vary depending on which strains they were bred from. A combination like a hybrid is recommended among the weed strains for studying. 

Now you know the three different types of cannabis, let’s discover the best strains so you can buy weed online.

10 best strains for studying

When choosing the best strain for productivity and studying, it’s important to consider the cannabinoid levels. CBD dominant strains usually have minimal THC content and don’t produce psychoactive effects but have all the marijuana benefits.

THC dominant strains with elevated levels can create hallucinogenic effects—so moderate amounts of this cannabinoid are ideal. There are many THC products available for a better experience like THC gummies, vapes and many more. Below are 10 of the best weed strains for studying.

1) Sour Diesel

As a mostly sativa strain, the effects of Sour Diesel are mind-altering. When you’re in desperate need of a boost in creativity, a few puffs of this powerhouse get your juices flowing. 

The presence of indica allows you to feel somewhat relaxed while you can get all your outstanding tasks done. The cultivar may also help alleviate symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Expect diesel and citrus in the flavor and fragrance department.

2) CBD Harlequin

Here’s a strain that’s high in CBD but full of cerebral effects. It’s excellent for getting through those tough study sessions while also flooding you with a calming sensation. 

The sweet flavor and fragrance contribute towards you remaining attentive and getting things done—making it among the best weed strains for focus.

3) Durban Poison

Originating in Durban, South Africa, this sativa is guaranteed to awaken all your senses. Its long-lasting effects allow you to use it anytime, provided you limit your doses. 

There’s no need to worry about the calming effects as it won’t send you to dreamland immediately. 


This strain is high in CBD, lifts your spirits, and instills a feeling of joy, melting away bad thoughts.

If you’re serious about remaining focused, this is another top choice. It’s guaranteed to give you clarity of thought and alleviate any stress your studies may inflict.

5) Super Lemon Haze

The high levels of THC in this strain suggest that an early morning dose is best to have a productive day. Keeping the doses low and slow is advisable. This weed that makes you focus does so by helping you maintain a clear mind and invigorating your senses.

6) Jack Herer

Jack Herer stimulates your mind while allowing a wave of relaxation to wash over you. There’s no need to worry about feeling drowsy as you remain alert and fully present with this cultivar. 

7) Cinderella 99

This classic hybrid gives you an initial cloud surfing effect, soon followed by a surge of energy and fresh motivation. You can face any task—big or small. Controlling your doses allows you to benefit from the mental upliftment fully.  

8) Green Crack

This legendary strain mimics an early morning espresso kick. If motivation is what you’re after, Green Crack is for you. 

The sudden burst of heightened imagination and a surge in vitality is what gets you through those tough sessions with the books. 

9) Critical 2.0

If your to-do list is long and you struggle to find study time, this strain will see you through. If consumed first thing in the morning, you’re set for the day.

Critical 2.0’s refreshing fragrance brightens up your day and lightens your mood. It’s exactly what you need to face any critical challenges with renewed energy.

10) Original Lemon Pie

A favorite among the creative crowd, this strain increases creativity, elevates your conversation levels, and helps you feel energized. The indica presence brings a calming effect without allowing you to become drowsy.

Brace yourself for a highly productive day as you kick start it with some Lemon Pie.

Wake up determined and go to bed satisfied

There’s nothing like facing a day crammed with studies and projects. Don’t allow the stress to take over and cause you to feel worse. 

Give yourself a helping hand with one of our cannabis strains for studying. Order a pack of seeds today, and you could be growing your own in just a few days!

Douglas Kester, a cannabis growing expert at I49 Seed Bank. He has been working in the weed industry for more than 10 years. During that period, he built up a vast experience and depth of expertise in this field.

Douglas has a detailed understanding of every aspect of marijuana, from its cultivation and species to the effects it brings. He’s also up to date on all the cannabis-related legislation nuances. Find him on LinkedIn.

Photo by David Gabrić