Working mums view the office as a break from childcare

A recent survey by website revealed that far from feeling guilty about being away from their children, 68% of working mums actually enjoyed their time in the office.

While 76% of respondents to the poll admitted that financial pressures had prompted their return to work, 17% said that the main reason for resuming their career was to get a break from their maternal duties.

Only 23% of women surveyed said that they got no pleasure from being away from their children.

One mum explained how, for her, returning to work was a pleasant surprise:

“’I thought I’d miss my children terribly when I returned to the office after maternity leave but once I’d settled back in I started loving my job more than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mum and it’s by far the most important part of my life. But children are so demanding. It’s lovely to get away for a few hours and be a professional person again instead of a mum.”

A spokeswoman from said that the results showed how hard it can be being a modern mum:

“Being a mum is a tough job so combining that with holding down another job outside of the home must be incredibly challenging.

Yet it seems the majority of working mothers admit to actually enjoying the time they spend at work away from their children.

I think the survey shows just how wonderful and versatile working British mothers are. Not only are they great mums but they also enjoy their jobs and appreciate the time they spend both with and away from their families.”

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