Why you should choose custom modular structures for permanent and portable projects

Need a high quality building constructed quickly? Find out why you should consider choosing custom modular structures for permanent and portable projects.

Constructing a building typically means that you have to spend a great deal of money and wait a given time for the structure to be completed.

However, this is changing as construction companies like Rickabaugh Civil Construction Contractors continue to adapt to move with the times. One of the biggest changes has been the introduction of new types of structures in the construction industry. These days, people are looking for more pocket-friendly but efficient methods of construction.

Modular buildings have created a significant impact on how traditional buildings are perceived. It is essential to note that most modular structures come in a standard form. Those who may have different ideas or may need to have a specific type of structure design go for custom modular buildings.

Do you need a custom modular building?

Modular structures are extremely flexible. And while standard modular buildings can be used for several purposes, you may have a specific idea of the design. An example of this is a company specializing in modular construction, MPH Building Systems. They work with clients to create customized modular solutions for various applications, such as residential buildings, schools, offices, healthcare facilities, and more.

If you need a building for a particular purpose – whether it’s a domestic residence or for commercial purposes – you can choose a custom-made modular structure.

Many construction companies give their customers the choice of buying a custom-made modular building. Companies like Smart-Space offer client collaboration where the customer is included in the process of designing the structure and beyond.

There are many different custom-made modular buildings constructed by companies like Smart-Space. These include labs, libraries, training facilities, and testing facilities.

So why choose a custom built modular building? Here are some reasons why they are increasingly popular.


Time tends to be a crucial issue in construction. Traditional on-site construction takes a significant amount of time. This, in turn, may hinder the operations taking place at the construction site.

An example of how the time spent constructing traditional building affects activities is when a school or company has to close because construction is taking place on the premises.

Unlike on-site construction, custom modular buildings are made at a different location, and parts are transported to the intended location. The construction of modular structures tends to take a short period of time – helping you to save time and minimise disruption.


One aspect that makes custom modular building the best choice in many projects is that they are very flexible. It doesn’t matter what the project, you can customize the structures to your requirements.

Some people have used them to make beautiful homes, while others have successfully used them in constructing police and military barracks.


While custom modular buildings can be made quickly, they don’t compromise on quality. Depending on your preferences, this type of structure can be constructed with durable and weather-resistant materials. Custom modular structures can be both high-quality and pocket friendly.

Could a custom modular building be right for you?

Custom modular structures have proven to be essential in many permanent and portable projects.

Modular buildings are the latest solutions in manufacturing, and using them can save you money, hassle and disruption, while ensuring you get a high quality building constructed quickly.