Why writing monthly newsletters is the secret to helping your business grow fast

Are you sending out regular newsletters to your customers? Find out why writing monthly newsletters is the secret to helping your business grow fast.

Newsletters are making a big comeback this year – and for good reason. They cost very little to produce (in time and money) and are one of the best content marketing tools for speaking directly to target customers.

So what makes a good newsletter? How often should you send one out? How should you send it? And how do you write a captivating subject line to get that all-important click? 

To answer all these questions, small business lender OnDeck has produced a new guide on how to write the perfect newsletter. 

It outlines everything a small business needs to know about planning, crafting, and delivering a high-quality newsletter that increases page views, generates more leads, and boosts sales. 

The helpful guide explains exactly why every small business owner needs to produce a regular newsletter about their products and services: For example:

  • Newsletters are the quickest and most cost-effective way to reach some of those 4billion email users.
  • Almost everyone with an email address checks their mail at least once a day.
  • Research shows that every $1 spent on email marketing generates an average return of $42. 

See? You HAVE TO BE writing these things. 

That’s why OnDeck’s researchers broke down all the fundamentals of good business newsletter writing. They explain best practices for graphic design, formatting, and writing snappy and compelling content that doesn’t sound like super-annoying clickbait.

And to make sure your newsletter reaches as many people as possible, there’s a section on building up an email list. The tips include leveraging social media and timed pop-ups, as well as the secret to wring an effective Call To Action. 

The final section covers tracking the performance of your newsletter. It lists metrics, how often you should track them, and why they are so important.

This is the ultimate guide to using a newsletter to help your business grow fast.

Photo by Maxim Ilyahov