Why Welsh gold jewellery makes a special and unique gift

Looking to convey an air of sophistication? Find out how you can let your jewellery do the talking for you with rare Welsh gold pieces.

The jewel merchants of David Christopher jewellers are experts in beautiful jewellery, and in particular the majesty and heritage of Clogau jewellery. 

David Christopher Diamond and Watch Specialists is a British owned, family-run jeweller, who have been in business for two generations. They believe in the lineage that fine jewellery allows and want to create life-long memories with their pieces. 

David Christopher stocks only the finest, most luxurious brands in the UK, and they are particularly proud of their partnership with Clogau, a proudly Welsh jewellery maker.

Clogau guarantee that all of their pieces, including their unique bracelets and bangles, are made with the Welsh spirit at its foundation. Their gold bracelets, rings and necklaces are created using gold mined in Snowdonia, Wales.

The history of Welsh gold

The story of this gold is quite astounding. In 1989, a local man named William Roberts rediscovered what was once the highest producing gold mine in the country, the Clogau St. Davids mine. His dream with this mine was elegant simplicity, to create gold jewellery from Wales, signifying the beauty and majesty of Wales, to share with the world. 

The rarity of the mineral only serves to further cement the pieces’ significance as nostalgic family heirlooms, as magnificent worn today as it will be in generations to come. All mining operations ceased in 1999, making the available gold ever more precious and distinguished. 

Rare Welsh gold has also been the mineral of choice for royal wedding rings. Her Majesty the Queen, The Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, the late Diana Princess of Wales and most recently The Duchess of Sussex all wear Welsh gold rings. So when you buy a Clogau bracelet or bangle, you are joining the upper echelons of the British aristocracy. 

Beyond the rarity of Welsh gold, Clogau gold boasts an utterly unique colouration. The Clogau St Davids mine has copper as well as gold deposits. This surprising combination leads to gold that is ever so slightly rose-yellow in colour tone. This trait is restricted to this mine. 

David Christopher jewellers understood this when they brought Clogau bangles and bracelets into their retail space. Their hope? To curate pieces that are sentimental, high quality and unique; to have an array of bracelets and bangles, for a variety of occasions and uses. 

What’s the difference between a bangle and a bracelet? 

Bangles are made with solid materials, are rigid in shape, and generally lack a clasp closure system. Bracelets, by contrast, are more flexible in shape and are made by connecting many small links of precious metals together. Bracelets will have clasp closure systems.

Speciality celebration bangles, everyday charm bracelets and their beautiful signature Tree of Life designs are just some of the incredible options you have when shopping for your perfect gift and family heirloom.