Why laser skin resurfacing is the best thing since sliced bread

We live in a world where the cameras are always rolling, privacy is an illusion and a large majority fear to show their authenticity for dread of judgment.

When was the last time you posted a photo of yourself that you didn’t first touch up? Hopefully not that long ago!

I’m not sure there’s a single one of us who doesn’t look in the mirror and see something they wish was different. Of course, it’s a wonderful thing when we can accept our imperfections for the unique qualities they bring to our character.

But sometimes, often, it’s just not the case.

In a world where everyone is watching, it’s easy to allow self-doubt or dread to cripple us. We tell ourselves stories about how hideous that scar is or how no-one could stand the sight of that blemish, how old those wrinkles make us look.

While I will always advocate an aim of re-focusing your perspective when faced with such thoughts, my sympathies weep for those who can’t find that path. That’s why it excites me so much to see how far science and modern medicine have brought us.

Modern-age miracles

Laser skin resurfacing can hardly be classed as anything but a modern miracle.

The term ‘laser’ is so entrenched in sci-fi fiction that many often forget the viable real-world uses of this incredible light-harnessing technology.

If you had mentioned to anyone even a hundred years ago the notion of utilising thermal energy with pinpoint precision to resurface the skin and remove scarring, you’d likely have been locked up or denounced as a heretic.

Surely the harnessing of such natural energy would have been called magic once upon a day. And that the treatment actually stimulates the body’s natural healing, well, if that’s not miracle territory, I don’t know what is.

It’s too easy for us to see the nuts and bolts these days without really appreciating how fortunate we are to be surrounded by such modern-day miracles, and any which can so directly impact our lives deserve our heartfelt gratitude.

A special kind of life-changing

OK. I’m aware of the arguments of outcriers who will scream that we’re all beautiful, that imperfections mark quality in us just as in diamonds. I’m with you ten thousand percent. But the power of the mind is intense.

Our convictions dominate us, drive our behaviours and self-image.

We all seek a path of clarity of mind, self-reflection and development with varying levels of fear and interest.

We are all different. While you have found your path, let others find theirs, and if laser treatment to remove those scars of yesterday help patients to live a happier, more content and fulfilled life, I’ll certainly drink to that.

No risk, no reward? No chance

Men have searched for the fabled fountain of youth (or any similar incarnation) since time immemorial. It’s made its way into countless stories from the ages of Greek mythology right up to modern-day cinema.

So I guess it makes sense that when faced with a grounded-in-science right-before-your-eyes substitute, there would be a lot of speculation around safety. Plus, lasers and sci-fi – we all know how destructive that tends to get!

The truth is, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest laser skin resurfacing is even remotely unsafe or a cause of further distress.

These lasers don’t fully ablate (surgically remove) the skin. Oh no. They vaporise only the damaged areas and stimulate the body’s production of collagen while they’re at it (that’s the skin’s main structural protein).

Yes, patients undergoing laser treatment might experience mild discomfort from the heat build-up, but between local anaesthetics and refrigerated cool air, laser specialists are able to combat any pain super efficiently.

And yes, as you might expect, there’s a recovery time. I mean, show me a treatment with zero recuperation needed and I’ll toss you a shiny coin. But for the equivalent of a redness akin to minor sunburn and some slight swelling, it’s hardly a dire price to pay.

A worthy investment

True, laser skin resurfacing might be more expensive than the miracle cream peddled at your local market or crossing your umpteenth different home remedy or wives tale off your list, but when you look at the results… well, you get what you pay for.

You can see the prices for this treatment option on this website where it’s been broken down based on which area of the skin you’d like resurfacing. The linked website, Cambridge Laser Clinic, offer free consultations and a £50 test patch if you don’t feel quite ready to jump into the full experience yet. 

It’s certainly a cheaper alternative to a conquistador-level expedition with your own personal Indiana Jones on a quest for rejuvenation.

Is it worth it?

Only you can decide. I’ve seen the effects first-hand with a dear friend who had fallen on hard times and bore the scars to prove it.

Now, I’m a zen-minded, inner-beauty kind of writer, but even so… seeing such incredible results delivered by the dedicated dermatologist my friend visited, my awe could not be higher.

I’m blessed with a babyface, but when those ravages of time catch up to me – fine lines, wrinkles, the indisputable laxness of ageing, rough or mottled textures developing – you can be sure I’ll be swinging by for my date with the laser.

That said, being a sun bunny, it’ll likely be the sun-damaged skin treatment I’m in need of. Oh, the price we pay for lounging with a good book for hours in the sun.

Photo by Vonecia Carswell