Why it’s still worth creating an online learning startup in 2021

Udacity, Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin Learning, Data Camp, Khan Academy, Code Academy, and SkillShare: what do these companies have in common? They are online learning companies.

Over the years, these companies have grown far beyond the startup phase. Udemy and Coursera have become household names in the online learning world. And in 2021 online learning is a bigger trend than ever. Why? Because it’s easier, cheaper, and can be a lot of fun when you learn online.

Learning how to create a learning website from companies like Riseapps is a time and money investment that can certainly pay off – in the long run, and short run. But don’t take our word for it; let’s check out the statistics.

According to Udemy, the online learning platform has 40 million students, over 50,000 instructors, and more than 245 million course enrolments. And Investopedia revealed that in 2019, Coursera, the largest online learning company in the world, had over 40million users.

The giant strides these online platforms achieve are unbelievable – and they point to the fact that people are comfortable learning online. Coursera provides top-notch recognized certificate programs and courses to its students. Some of their courses are offered by top universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

Let’s talk about smaller online learning platforms

Coursera is enormous – it is a no-brainer – but there are hundreds of people who own smaller online learning platforms and make tons of money from these platforms. Here are some reasons why you should consider using an online learning platform:

  • Automated learning process
  • Simpler and seamless payment method
  • Improves reach
  • Can become a source of passive income
  • The creation of third-party online learning platforms can generate revenue
  • Ad revenue, coupons, discount, and content protection option

Automated learning process

Automated learning process remains one of the most important features of a standard online learning platform. Imagine teaching 200 students the same course 200 times in a month. It’s utterly exhausting and not worth it.

Before the advent of online learning platforms like Coursera, course tutors had to repeat the same process of teaching their students every time they had a new student. Today, we can help you build a website that will ensure that most of your classes are automated; that is, most of your classes can be taken by an infinite number of students while you only have to teach it once.

Let’s say you want to teach digital marketing; you can automate the whole process by making a video showing step by step procedure for getting it done. Once you have made and edited the video, you can upload it as one of the content for your class. With the automated content update, each student will have access to your content and then you can organize a Q&A session. 

Simpler and seamless payment option

With an online learning startup, you can easily accept payments through your website. We can help you build payment gateways that will accept payments from all over the world without a hassle. Clients from all over the world can quickly come to your website, register for your course, and play immediately.

Improves reach

Today, we have instructors in the United States who teach online courses to people in China, Africa, Australia, and other parts of the world. With good marketing and consistency, you can achieve a global reach, meet with students and clients over your portal, interact with them, and teach your classes.

Regardless of your niche – tech, self-help, motivation, meditation, business, relationship, fitness, or what have you, you can always reach global clients with your online learning platform.

Can become a source of passive and active income

An online learning platform startup has tremendous growth opportunities. There is a lot to worry about – issues surrounding online learning include stability, security, navigation of the website, ease of learning for students, features of the portal that promote communication, community support, integration of website with social media platforms, and payment solutions, amongst others.

With the right team building an online learning platform for you, these issues will be professionally handled, and you will only have to worry about exposing your platform to potential tutors.

With an excellent online platform, you can invite potential tutors to set their classes within your platform. Some tutors already have a solid audience base; hence, they will enrich your platform with their audience.

Ad revenues and coupon

With a professionally laid online learning website, you can easily institute coupons, referral bonuses, gifts, and other elements that would be impossible without a website. You can also make money from the ad revenue – if you decide to run ads on the site.  

We hope you’ve learned enough to convince you to get your own online learning website. With such a platform, you will enjoy ease, growth, and extensive reach. 

Photo by Brooke Cagle