Why Albariño is the perfect wine for warm late summer days (and evenings)

Want to make the most of the last few warm days of summer? Our wine columnist Helena Nicklin (aka Winebird) picks her favourite late summer wine.

We’ve finally got some sun. And with a few weeks yet before October arrives, there should still be many opportunities ahead for sipping a cool white wine outside – whether it’s with a picnic, a barbecue or just on its own because it’s SUMMER!

Why Albariño is the perfect late summer wine

And if you’re choosing the perfect wine to celebrate these last few balmy days, you can do a lot worse than trying the white grape Albariño.

Albariño is the go-to white wine grape for entertaining these days, as most people tend to like it no matter what style of white they generally go for. Completely crowd-friendly, it’s crisp and refreshing with a citrus, saline tang and a peachy note on the palate.

This profile makes it perfect for seafood if you’re attempting a food match. But it’s so versatile, it won’t get in the way of anything els,e and it’s light enough to sip all by itself.

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The most famous place to find Albariño is in Galicia, on the stormy coast of north western Spain. However, it is also the grape that makes up most of the famous Portuguese Vinho Verde wines across the border. Only here, they call it ‘Alvarinho’ or sometimes, ‘Cainho Branco’.

The vinalogy of Albariño

Think ripening lemons, wet rocks and sea spray. Albariño is the mermaid of wine grapes! See more in my Vinalogy video here.

Some Albariño picks to try

Spain and Portugal are the original homes for Albariño, but you can now see pockets of it cropping up all over the world! Here are some delicious ones to try:

  • From Spain – Tesco Finest* Albariño 2015 (Tesco £7.00)
  • From Portugal – Vinho Verde, Quinta de Azevedo 2015 (Majestic £7.99, or £6.99 when you buy 6)

Or splash out on these seriously decent drops from outside the Iberian Peninsular:

  • From New Zealand – ‘Left Field’ Albariño 2015 (Stockists: RRP £14.05 from Wine Rack, Cambridge Wine Merchants, Ann et Vin, The Oxford Wine Company, Ellie’s Cellar & Taurus Wines)
  • From England – Kingscote Albariño Bacchus (£16.50 direct from www.kingscoteestate.com)

Winebird is a freelance writer, presenter and author of VINALOGY: wine basics with a twist! You can follow her on Twitter, and find her on YouTube.