Why a flannel jacket is ideal for all age ranges

Flannel jackets are the fashionable alternative to snuggling in a warm, cozy blanket. When the temperatures drop, everyone, regardless of age, can be suddenly be tempted by their warmth embrace. 

But the appeal of the flannel jacket is not just in its warmth. This is also a sturdy, durable, and practical addition to the wardrobe. Introduced initially as a softer, more comfortable alternative to the scratchiness of wool, their versatility means that they flannel jacket can become that item you constantly reach for no matter the occasion.

Why are flannel jackets so popular?

There are six key reasons why the flannel jacket never seems to lose its appeal.

1) They’re versatile

The versatility of flannel jackets is well known in the fashion world.  They are easy to wear, and they look great with most clothing pieces. Flannel is very easy to wear. You don’t need to be a fashionista to pull it off. 

These clothing pieces have no limitations. Kids can wear their flannels to school, their favorite pumpkin patch event, or for a playdate with their friends. Adults can wear them when running errands, going to their favorite café, or for a family photo shoot. 

The versatility also makes them compatible with most outfits. When it is really cold, layer your flannel jacket with a turtle neck and a pair of pants. The look is comfortable, stylish, and it keeps you warm. 

Wear your flannel jacket with some leggings and a light tank top when it isn’t too cold. Kids can wear flannel jackets over their favorite t-shirts or dresses. You’ll be surprised at how easy they fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. 

2) They’re perfect for layering

No matter how old you are, layering with flannel jackets is so easy. Since the material is so warm and its texture is so rich, it can turn instantly turn your outfit from drab to fab. Both men’s and women’s flannel jackets stand out in the sense that they layer better than most other clothing pieces. 

During warmer months, they can be layered with tank tops, light t-shirts, or dresses. You can layer them with long-sleeved shirts, turtle necks, and heavier shirts in the colder months. If you are not interested in layering, consider wearing the flannel jacket on its own. 

3) They have timeless appeal

Flannel jackets are classics. The history of the flannel jacket can be traced right back to 17th century Wales, where farmers wore flannel shirts to protect themselves from the cold and wintry conditions of the hills.

Having maintained their appeal for hundreds of years, there’s no sign of that popularity waning. It is no surprise really that men, women, and children from all parts of the world love them. 

The old-world appeal of these jackets means they look just as fantastic in January as they do in December. They pair well with most clothing options, and it is comforting to know that you always have something plush and fun to wear. Whether you are going camping or getting brunch with your friends, these jackets don’t disappoint. 

4. They are toasty warm!

When it is cold, you want something warm, comfortable, and snuggly. Flannel jackets tick all these boxes. With layering, they are ideal for both winter and fall. The jackets are made with medium-weight material that comes from heavy-duty cotton. Their most distinctive feature is that they remain fuzzy and smooth for a long time.  They always feel great gliding against your skin. 

The cozy quality makes your flannel jacket ideal when it is brisk outside. The warmth of these jackets doesn’t take away from their lightweight. You can stay warm without feeling overwhelmed or weighed down. Whether you pair the jacket with corduroy pants or skinny jeans, it introduces an unmatched softness and warmth to your outfit. 

5) They’re low maintenance

Flannel jackets don’t need much effort in maintenance. Unlike most delicate materials, you don’t need to always keep an eye on them. Wool may be just as soft and warm, but it demands more maintenance commitment.

 In contrast, flannel jackets actually get softer as you continue to wash and wear them. This may be the perfect excuse to throw yours on every chance you get! You’ll love how gorgeous you look and how soft your jacket gets over time. 

Your flannel jacket doesn’t need much more than regular machine washing to remain in pristine condition. The colors will remain crisp, and the jacket won’t lose its integrity over time. The material can maintain its fuzzy quality over time. It is resilient and remains beautiful no matter how often you use it. 

6) They come in a variety of styles

Flannel jackets come in a variety of styles. If you think that they only come in the same boring style, you are mistaken. From sleeveless to long-sleeved options, there are many ways for manufacturers to play around with plaid patterns. There are styles for anyone looking for a blend of style and functionality. 

Flannel jackets are supposed to be your best friend when the year ends but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on style. Whether you plan on layering them with other clothes or using them as the star of your outfit, you have a few options.  They include hooded flannel jackets, shirt jackets and lined options. There is always a great way to wear one.