What to wear when working from home

With many of us opting for a hybrid work week or some now adopting WFH life full time, it’s difficult for us to know what to wear when working from home.

Over the last (almost) two years we have all altered our wardrobes and what the term ‘getting dressed’ means, with many taking to loungewear full time.

But what do you wear when you are sitting in your bedroom or office space with multiple Zoom calls a day and in the comfort of your four walls? Here are some ideas for what to wear when working from home.

Go full comfort

Comfort is key when working from home. With no dress code in your home office, it allows us to be comfy and cosy at the desk. However the fine line between PJ’s and day dressing can become even thinner when deciding what to wear.

That’s why opting for a loungewear set that’s both cosy and warm but is also video meeting friendly is a great option. Lounge sets are a great option for a put together look without the effort. Choose a set with some added detailing such as a print, texture or embellishment to take the look from relaxing on the sofa to casual day time look. 

Knitwear is also another great option to add comfort while also feeling and looking put together. Try a bright coloured cardigan and pairing it with jewellery for a dressed up yet comfortable outfit, check out Dancing Leopard for some stand out bright knitwear. This can also be perfect to wear out and about as you walk to get a coffee or lunch, it’s the perfect outfit for before, during and after work. 


Athleisure was popular before the work from home revolution. But now it’s no longer a trend but a way of life for the WFH workers who also want to make the most of their lunch breaks. Due to the convenience of being close to all your amenities such as local gyms, parks and your own shower, working out in your lunch break has become a new norm.

This means more and more of us want to be able to dress ourselves in the morning with that lunchtime sweat in mind. Pairing a gym set with an oversized jumper, knitwear or blazer are great options for a waist up look when those video meetings call. Accessories are your BFF when it comes to remote outfits as these pull an outfit together and automatically elevate the look. 

Dressed from the waist up

When everyone can only see you from the waist up, a 50% effort outfit is more than enough. A clean minimalist button up is a great canvas to build your business on the top and relaxed on the bottom outfit. Or try a blouse with a bold design or print can help brighten up any online meeting.

By wearing a top or shirt that may be outside your comfort zone on a video meeting, it allows you to test the waters before stepping out into the world. Style your formal top with a soft updo and simple accessories for the cherry on the top. Of course you can then mix your loungewear trousers or sweats for the comfort element of this remote outfit.