What items are you forgetting to clean, and how should you clean them?

We are all guilty of forgetting to clean certain household items – or forgetting to ask our partner, cleaner or children to clean them.

When you are working, looking after a family and planning your next career move, the dust under your bed is hardly at the top of your to-do list. 

However, no one wants to live in a filthy dust-mite ridden home. The key is to find quick, easy and affordable ways of cleaning those forgotten dirty items. Check out these tips and tricks – you might be surprised by some of them. 

TV remote, laptop and phone 

Think about it, you use these items multiple times a day and almost never clean them. The chances are this is because they are hard to clean. You can’t exactly throw them in the washing machine and hope for the best. 

These items collect all kinds of germs and dirt. Grab yourself some canned air and enjoy a pristine keyboard in no time at all. 

Shower curtains 

The last thing you want to see when jumping in the shower is a mouldy shower curtain. After all, showering is supposed to make you feel clean – not repulsed. 

Mostshower curtains are machine washable and affordable. Why not throw your curtain in the washing machine every once in a while? 


Blinds always manage to skip our cleaning list. Whether they are fabric, vertical, roman or pleated, all blinds need to be freshened up every now and again.  Visit abcblinds.com.au if you’re looking to replace them altogether.

Do not use cleaning products or allow moisture to settle into them. You don’t want to ruin the condition of your blinds with bleach. 

Try using the smaller attachments of your vacuum to remove the dust caught between the blinds, handy blinds cleaning guides can advise you the best way to clean each type. 

Light switches

You flick the light switches on and off in your home every day. In other words, these switches are filled with bacteria. Make sure to give them a wipe down every week or so!

Toothbrush holder 

Between saliva, toothpaste and mouldy water – the bottom of your toothbrush holder is fairly disgusting. Fill it up with hot water, bathroom cleaning product and rinse it thoroughly.

Remember to keep your teeth and your toothbrush clean. Don’t forget to also schedule regular appointments with the Dentist in Rancho Santa Margarita to maintain strong, healthy teeth


When it comes to cleaning, “out of sight, out of mind” rings a bell. Well, it’s time to clean those “out of sight” places. Give the top of your wardrobe and shelves a quick wipe down. You might not be able to see the dust, but trust me it’s there.

Stay on top of your cleaning by remembering to give these areas a bit of love from time to time. 

Photo by Alex