What does your wristwatch say about you?

Thought a wristwatch’s one job was to tell you the time? Find out what your choice of watch tells other people about you.

We all have our own sense of style, even if we’re not aware of it. The clothes and shoes we chose to wear, and how we wear them, can tell the people we meet almost as much about us as what we say and how we act.

And one particularly telling item is your choice of watch. A tatty, old, throwaway plastic watch, for example, will give off a very different impression to wearing one of the smart Tudor watches

So exactly how much information can your choice of wristwatch really give away? Here are six things your watch says about you.

1) You’re dependable 

It doesn’t matter which watch you choose to wear, the very fact you’re wearing one at all says that you’re someone who takes time seriously. It subliminally tells people that you respect time, and the time commitments you make to others, and that you’ll probably be punctual and dependable.

2) You place a value on tradition

Most people today rely on their mobile phone to tell them the time. So wearing a watch indicates you value tradition.

And more than simply wearing any timepiece, the type of watch you choose can say a lot about you too. Choosing a classic model shows that you understood and value timeless design.

And buying an expensive brand, like Rolex, indicates that you invest your money in things that will last, and even appreciate in value, rather than frittering it away on fast-dating technology.

These values can unconsciously translate into everything from making wiser professional decisions with a long term view, and investing in lasting relationships that deepen over time.

3) You appreciate adventure

Luxury, authentic watches can tell the world that you are an adventure seeker. For instance, Panerai and Breitling watches are created to stand up to the demands associated with active lifestyles, including sweating through a marathon, scuba diving, skydiving, and spelunking.

Many models of these watches act as trustworthy allies in their wearer’s quest to reach the pinnacle of their favourite activities. 

Wearing a watch that is designed with action in mind can show that you are not afraid of doing what it takes to emerge a winner. In life and even in the business world, it shows that you are willing to dig in and work tirelessly and fearlessly. 

4) You’re practical

Most luxury watches show practicality. Take Omega and Rolex: both are famous for their durability and are designed to carry their wearers through many years of changing fashions without looking old or outdated.

These are just two examples; there are many attractive, practical wristwatches that have always stood the test of time so well that they are even handed down to generations as treasured family heirlooms.

Dependable and precise, a practical wristwatch matches many wardrobe items and can serve as a signature piece that can last a lifetime.

5) You are successful 

Are you wearing Panerai, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tudor watches or any other luxury watch? A luxury watch tells others that you are successful; that you have worked hard, and are enjoying the rewards that come from the resulting success.

It also indicates that you have an appreciation for finer things and, depending on your choice, have impeccable taste. 

6) You are stylish

Speaking of taste, the style of watch you choose can give clues as to your preferred fashion. Tag Heuer or Hublot models can suggest you’re trendy, whereas a vintage piece can indicate that your style is more classic and timeless.

A watch does so much more than just tell the time

As you can see, wearing a watch does so much more than just tell you the time. Perhaps without realising it, your choice of timepiece is unconsciously telling others an impressive amount of (often subliminal) information about you.

Even just choosing to wear a watch in the first place apparently speaks volumes.

So the next time you’re shopping for a watch, bear in mind how much more it might tell people than just the time.

Photo by NordWood Themes