What do women look for in casino games?

It’s fair to say that casino games are designed to appeal to as many people as possible, but what elements are of most interest to women?

There have now been enough studies into this subject to give us a clearer idea of what women look for in casinos and how game creators are looking to meet those demands.

Lots of choice

Looking for a big selection of UK online slots is easy to do, with games covering a vast range of themes. These games also include varying types of features, such as wild symbols and free spins, which all add to the feeling of choice and variety. Other games remain popular, with roulette and blackjack among them, but its slots provide the biggest and most diverse selection.

The diversity of slots is important because a study by Oregon State University a few years ago revealed that women tend to play more slots than men. There are different opinions on why this might be the case, but it seems clear that the growing number of online slots and other games is due to increasing demand for varied ways of gambling.

A social experience

Another area where men and women may differ is in how they approach the social aspect of casino games. Players can focus on a solo approach or look at the social aspect of gaming. According to a survey carried out by Quantic Foundry, there are some overall differences between male and female players and it may lead to them looking for different social experiences.

It might seem that the move to online casinos has made it more difficult to add a social element to gaming, but few investigations into this area let us see exactly how people play online slots and whether they find ways to make it more of a social occasion. It may be that there are workarounds that let them play with friends in a more social setting while they’re online.

We should also bear in mind that there are signs that this could be one of the next big changes in the online gambling industry, as the arrival of live-streamed games has already had a big impact, by giving players the chance to join the dealer in a live casino setting. It isn’t yet clear how this kind of immersive experience could be applied to slots, but it could involve new technology like virtual reality.

Themed games

One of the reasons for the large selection of games mentioned earlier is that there’s more chance of every visitor finding something that they want to play. This includes slots with female lead characters, like Cat Wilde and the Pyramids of Dead, and others based on movies or TV shows that are believed to be particularly popular with women.

We can expect to see the sector diversify further, as there are many game design companies each battling to carve out a space for themselves in this crowded market. The idea of a developer tailoring all of their games to a specific sector such as women doesn’t seem far-fetched and could help make it easier for us to find suitable games more easily.

The popularity of casino games among women is likely to carry on growing, and we can expect new approaches and emerging technology to help raise their profile further.