What damages can you collect for your Atlanta motorcycle accident?

Due to their direct contact with the ground, motorcycle riders, in most cases, suffer deliberate and fatal injuries when involved in serious accidents.

Most motorcycle accidents are a direct outcome of another individual’s laxity. The at-fault party can be another motorist, construction firm, or municipality.

A motorcycle crash can leave you with numerous damages. As stated under that law, you can collect a reasonable compensation or settlement for all your damages. If you were not at fault for the damages, you can establish a personal injury claim with the negligent party. This is where an experienced motorcycle lawyer in Atlanta comes in.

A knowledgeable lawyer will help you collect compensation for all damages. Let’s discover the most common damages your lawyer can help you seek compensation for.

Medical costs

Any motorcycle accident case has medical bills and associated costs comprising a significant portion. You would not have incurred these costs if the accident had not occurred. You need to seek compensation for them. The most common medical expenses you’ll probably have as a result of the motorcycle crash include the following:

  • Physical therapy
  • Doctor and hospital costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Future treatment

Motorcycle riders don’t have the same guard as other vehicle drivers. That means they can easily suffer catastrophic damages. No medical cost should be discounted.

Replacement or motorcycle repair

An accident causes damage to the rider as well as the motorcycle. As you receive treatment, your motorcycle also needs repair or replacement when severely damaged. Save all invoices, quotes, and receipts you get as proof of your repair expenses.

Your motorcycle can be declared a “total loss” if the damage from the incident is severe. That means the insurer will reimburse you for the motorbike’s reasonable market value. This will enable you to get a new motorcycle. You’ll not pay for repairs but receive a new motorcycle.

Loss of earning capacity and lost wages

Working before the motorcycle incident happened? You’re more likely to miss work due to the injuries. A lawyer will add this as lost wages to collect in your claim. After the accident, you’ll also need to keep track of the amount of work time you have missed. This, in most cases, includes bonuses, promotions, and other income you would have collected when working.

Also, the accident might leave you with damages that prevent you from performing tasks that you were handling before. That means you’ll need to switch to a different role or work in the same capacity but with limitations. Your at-fault party needs to compensate you for the considerable change. Known as loss of earning capacity, this is a common damage you need to claim.

Partner with an experienced motorcycle lawyer in Atlanta

Want to ensure you seek compensation for the total damages? You need to partner with a knowledgeable attorney in Atlanta. Experienced attorneys have been helping injured motorcycle riders win their lawsuits and collect the compensation they lawfully deserve.