Watch The Recovering Hunbot interview Hannah Martin about MLMs

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ll know that we’re not fans of MLMs. We’ve been investigating the industry for several years.

And during that time, our founder, Hannah Martin, has amassed a wealth of knowledge on what goes on inside these companies, what it takes to succeed, and why so many people fail in MLMs.

And it’s these insights she discusses with Alanda Carta, aka The Recovering Hunbot in the video interview you can watch below.

In this 45 minute video interview, Hannah and Alanda discuss:

  • How her childhood experiences contribute to Hannah’s passion for exposing MLMs
  • Why so many people jump from MLM to MLM
  • How the top people buy their way to top and manipulate the business to earn their income 
  • How it takes a particular type of person to get to the top of an MLM – and what that person is like
  • Why they believe MLM suits a more narcissistic personality type
  • Why so many reps make up their ‘story’ and how they use it to cynically hook in victims
  • What the one trait that MLM reps look for when recruiting is
  • What MLM reps do to make you think they’re just like you (and why they do it)
  • Why MLMs are starting to target younger generations
  • And how they use shame so powerfully
  • How the anti-MLM community is empowering people to say no to MLM pitches
  • Why MLM reps are brainwashed and can’t have an independent opinion on the business
  • Why serial MLMers are like drug addicts and alcoholics