Watch our video interview with Aidy Smith and Helena Nicklin from The Three drinkers

For most of us drinking is a leisure activity – something we do to unwind from work. But for some people, drinking IS their job. Find out how Helena Nickin and Aidy Smith from The Three Drinkers actually get paid to drink.

Helena Nicklin and Aidy Smith may have their dream jobs right now as two of Amazon Prime’s The Three Drinkers, but getting there hasn’t been easy. While Helena was battled prejudices in a male-dominated industry, Aidy has famously refused to let his Tourettes prevent him from becoming a TV presenter.

I’ve known Helena a few years – indeed she’s written several times for Talented Ladies Club in the past – and have always loved tapping into her vast knowledge about wine for tips. So I leaped at the chance to interview her and Aidy.

In our chat we cover:

  • What to do if you want to discover new wines but don’t know here to start (Aidy has a great tip for an app that learns your taste and makes suggestions).
  • Why there needs to be more diversity in the drinks world and what Helena and Aidy are doing about it.
  • How having Tourettes has shaped Aidy, the big assumption about people with Tourettes that everyone gets wrong, and his advice for young people with a disability.
  • How to get a TV programme off the ground – and get paid to drink some of the world’s best wines and spirits.
  • And, importantly, how to drink less but drink better (and avoid a hangover).

You can watch our video interview below, find out more about The Three Drinkers here, and watch their first series on Amazon Prime here.