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Want to start or grow a business you love, but feel stuck or alone? Find out how you can win a free year’s help from us – and get access to over 100 workbooks, courses and videos, plus four mentoring calls.

We know how tough it can be to start or grow your own business. How can you acquire or afford all the expertise you need to make it a success? What steps do you need to take first – and next?

And just as importantly, where do you find the support and encouragement you need to get through the inevitable challenging days (and weeks)?

Win all the help you need to start your business

To help you start or grow a business you love, we’ve spent the past six months re-designing our membership club. Inside the rebranded Kickstart you’ll find:

  • Over 100 workbooks, templates and exercises.
  • 12 brilliant mini-courses.
  • Practical, behind-the-scenes ‘how-to’ videos.
  • Live support and encouragement.
  • A free email Kickstart(er) Kit to get you started.
  • Weekly emails with do-able actions to move you forward.
  • Three monthly reviews.

Our official launch will take place in two weeks time, but right now we’re offering you a unique opportunity. Enter our contest and you could win a one year free scholarship to our new club!

Not only will you get unlimited access to Kickstart for one year, but you’ll also get four mentoring calls with us, to be taken whenever you wish during your scholarship.

Enter now and make starting a business easy and fun

Kickstart is designed to make starting and growing a business not just easier, but enjoyable. It gives you practical tools and templates to master tricky areas like marketing, PR and social media, guides you as you plan a profitable business, helps you to overcome personal barriers, and ensures you have all the friendly support, encouragement and accountability you need.

As a member you’ll join a friendly, successful community of like-minded entrepreneurs, all confidently working on a business they love.

And you can win all of this for free in our scholarship contest – so enter now!

(The closing date for entries is Sunday 13 September and we’ll announce the winner by email on Tuesday 15 September.)