Top five marketing strategies for SMEs

Whether your small business has just taken off or you have managed to transform it into a medium sized enterprise recently, strong marketing strategies are key to the growth of any business.

An effective strategy allows you to reach out and attract more consumers, it helps you create brand awareness, and can ultimately increase revenue and profitability. Here are five effective marketing strategies SME owners should incorporate in their business.

1) Get qualified

If you already possess some marketing know-how, why not boost your skill set and enroll on a business certificate program? Hiring a third-party provider can be extremely expensive for an SME, but with some existing knowledge in this area of business you can forgo that expensive marketing agency fee and do it yourself.

Kelley School of Business offers a range of recognized business programs for working professionals. For those interested in upping their marketing game, their Online Marketing Strategy Certificate program is the ideal choice. Students will gain a deeper understanding behind marketing operations and strategies, and they will gain the skills, tools and knowledge to market their business successfully.

2) Strengthen your business website

Research shows that approximately 36 percent of small businesses do not have a website, which means that they are missing out on the custom of a huge number of online shoppers. Nowadays, not only do you need a business website, but it also needs to be easy to navigate and attractive to look at.

A chaotic site that is slow and unappealing will cause site visitors to lose interest and visit a competitor site. So, make sure your website is easy to use, regularly updated, and that it is filled with engaging content.

3) Use search engine optimization

Relevant, interesting content on your site can increase engagement, which can help convert site visitors into paying customers. When reviewing your website, make sure your web content is completely optimized.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the set of processes that improve the quality and quantity of traffic from a search engine to your website, or web page. SEO web content can help attract your target audience when they use a search engine to look for a related product or service.

4) Offer omnichannel support

Omnichannel support refers to the multiple support channels a company offers their customers in order to provide a seamless, customer service experience. It integrates these channels into a single system and helps businesses understand customer interactions. In turn, businesses are better able to interact with their customers, and provide efficient answers and solutions to customer queries.

5) Direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing is an old school strategy that can be used to gain more leads, increase conversions and turn existing customers into brand advocates. A targeted direct mail campaign is a great way to reward loyal customers with branded swag and exclusive information about your company.

By sending loyal consumers attractive marketing material and promotional products, you have the opportunity to show your appreciation and foster existing relationships. This strategy encourages existing customers to promote your brand to friends and family, and it also helps grow your loyal consumer base.