Top 10 US airports with the best transportation services

Planning a trip to a US destination any time soon? Find out what kind of transportation services you can expect on arrival.

Getting to and from the airport can be one of the more time-consuming parts of travel. Instead of forking over money out of your wallet, here are the top 10 US airports that have some of the best transportation services in the country to save you on costs.

1) Denver International Airport

Denver airport transportation has a regional rail that links the main terminal of the airport to the heart of downtown where all the shopping opportunities are. The rail runs every 15 minutes and it’s only a 40-minute ride for only $9. Each train car even has overhead racks for you to store your luggage.

2) Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

This Atlanta airport has metro trains running from the main terminal to downtown in Five Points. There’s a train usually every five to twenty minutes, but the fair is only $2.50, so you’re definitely saving a lot on cab fare. The ride to Five Points is only about 20 minutes.

3) Seattle–Tacoma International Airport

The Sound Transit Central Link Light Rail connects directly to the Sea-Tac airport station, though there is a bit of a walk from the parking garage to the terminal. The light rail runs every ten minutes, and there are buses ever thirty minutes, with fares being no more than $3 for either. You are looking at 1 hour of travel time, however.

4) John F. Kennedy International Airport

There are plenty of train lines to get you where you need to go from JFK Airport. Depending on your destination, you could be on the train for anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. Fares are dependent on your final destination.

If you are looking for a more business professional or comfortable means of transportation, you can also look into hiring a NYC airport limo service to drop you off and pick you up at JFK or any of the other NYC airports. We highly recommend this choice of transport as it is the most stress-free, convenient option out there!

5) Los Angeles International Airport

LAX also has plenty of train lines to take you to almost every part of Los Angeles, from Westwood to Hollywood or even to Long Beach. The rails are usually less than $2, but if you want to travel by FlyAway bus, then it will cost between $8 and $10.

6) O’Hare International Airport

The CTA Blue Line connects the airport to downtown, or there’s also a free shuttle you can take from the terminal to O’Hare Transfer Metra commuter rail station. Travel time is about an hour, for $2.25 (CTA) or $6 (Metra).

7) Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

There’s a light rail directly to downtown Dallas, or you can take the free bust to CenterPoint rail station. Travel time is over an hour but it only costs about $2.50.

8) San Francisco International Airport

The BART station connects the terminal to downtown San Francisco, as well as the San Jose and Peninsula points. It runs every 15 minutes and costs can vary depending on where you’re going.

9) Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

The PHX Sky Train travels between the terminals and to downtown Phoenix as well. To get to the city takes bout 30 minutes and costs $2.

10) Charlotte Douglas International Airport

This airport has bus routes from the terminal to the Charlotte Transportation Center in Uptown. From there, you can take any other bus or train to anywhere else in the city. The bus from the airport runs every 35 minutes and only costs about $2.20.

Next time, consider traveling by bus or train the next time you travel to any of these major cities. You’ll save a lot of money and time from not having to drive through city traffic.