Tips for saving money on your bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations or renovations generally can invoke mixed feelings. There’s the joy that comes with giving your space a facelift as well as upgrading your bathroom radiators, but the burden of all the changes coming from your pocket.

Many people are stuck with bathroom designs from aeons ago because they are afraid of bathroom renovation costs. This article intends to quell those fears with practical, easy-to-follow tips to save you money on your bathroom renovation. 

Retain the layout

If you love the design of jack and jill bathrooms, or perhaps you want to switch bathroom styles from modern and contemporary to one more traditional, you could be looking to spend big bucks. One way to minimise your spendings is by retaining the existing layout.

The fixtures and fittings can remain as they are while only making minor tweaks that would transform the overall outlook of your bathroom. It is crucial to understand that a renovation does not necessitate a total overhaul; sometimes, the minor tweaks are all the change you need. 

DIY solutions

DIY, which is short for “do it yourself,” is in almost every industry imaginable. During bathroom renovations, there are simple tasks you can perform without professional help, helping you save costs. Engaging in these DIY activities complements the expertise provided by bathroom remodeling services in Perth, ensuring a balanced approach to your project. For example, painting, cabinet fixing, and grouting are simple tasks that you can handle yourself.

However, you should also note that not all tasks should be performed solo, as some of these tasks require the skills of a professional. For example, moving toilet fittings (with multiple moving parts) is a task you should refrain from performing yourself. These are some of the things to avoid during DIY solutions. 

Auction off old suites

If you want to change your old bathroom suites, selling them off is an excellent way to raise additional money for a new suite. Bathroom suites still in good condition fiction before renovations will fetch a reasonable price on the resell market.

Fitting costs take up the most significant portion of your renovation budget, which is why it’s vital to sell old fittings to purchase new ones. You should check quotes from different buyers to ensure that you have the best purchase offer before settling.

Find affordable floors

If you are on a budget and cannot afford expensive designer floors for your bathroom, there are practical and affordable options for you to choose from.

Modern bathroom floors such as vinyl have various benefits. It is durable, stylish, and waterproof, making it perfect for use on bathroom floors. In addition, there are multiple patterns of vinyl to choose from, such as stone, natural wood, and striped patterns. 

Search for deals

There are always deals available for bathroom fittings. There are cheap products that closely resemble their expensive counterparts, but the difference in quality begins to show when examined closely. The goal is to find durable and affordable fittings that will last rather than purchasing knockoffs that will cost you more money in the long run.

There are routine summer and winter sales where you can get some incredible deals on bathroom fittings. Another option is comparing prices between vendors and picking the best price point that fits your budget. 

How can you save money on your bathroom renovation?

There are many more tips to save money, but we have listed five of the most common, which every bathroom renovator should know. Before engaging in any renovation in your bathroom, you should consult a professional for guidance and proper planning to ensure a job well done.