Time for a spring clean? Here’s five ways to organise your home office

Are you looking at your home office thinking that it’s time for a good clear out? Here are five ways you can organise it.

Spring is here, and it’s traditional to give your home (and life) a spring clean. If you’ve set your sights on a cluttered, messy home office, here are five things you can do to organise it.

1) Clear out paperwork

That pile of paperwork (we all have one), is it needed? The chances are that at least some of the pages are out of date and no longer required, and can be sorted through, filed accordingly or shredded. When sorting through anything ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this important?
  • Do I need this?
  • Does someone else need this?

If it is important, file it away – if it isn’t, get rid of it. If you worry about getting rid of it, one solution to minimise your paperwork is to make digital copies.

Simply scan your document and file it on your computer. From then, make sure you make digital copies as you go to eliminate the need to take time out of your day to do piles of it in the future.

2) Keep your office the office

Is your office slowly filling up with non-office related items? If it is, you should find new homes for them. A cluttered office can reduce productivity; if there is a television or any other distractions, you may see yourself not working to your full capacity.

Instead, only keep things in your office which encourage you. Have a clear desk and a comfy office chair. If you’ve not moved over to digital-only yet, have a paper tray on your desk to put documents on to avoid stacks of loose notes.

3) Install smart shelves

You want to get smart with the way you organise things and one of the best ways to do this is by using floating shelves. They take up minimal space – perfect for smaller office spaces – and free up the floor for more practical office equipment such as a bigger desk.

Floating shelves can also add some flair to your office and gives you room to add some personal touches such as family photos.  

4) Use wall organisers

From pinboards to handy little containers, having a wall with a range of different organisers on, such as a pot for pens, a pot for stationary and a place to hang keys makes for a great solution to keep the desk clean and tidy and free of clutter.

5) Dust and clean everywhere

With a combination of shelves, stacks of paper and enjoying a sandwich over the keyboard as you work through lunch, the office can get rather dirty and dusty.

Whether you want to clean every week or hire domestic cleaners who can come in and get it in ship shape – it’s good to keep on top of this as it’s one area in the house where you’ll spend most of your time.

There are some really simple, cost- and space-saving ways to organise your office and to get it to a level in which you can be as productive as possible, without having to compromise on anything.

Photo by Alexa Williams