Three ways a PR agency could help your brand

Whether you are a new business or an established one, having a PR agency on board could really make an impact when it comes to driving your brand forward.

Behind all the headlines, there is usually a skilled team endorsing brands and carrying its values into the world through careful media management that have been thoroughly considered and well put together.

Dedicated to putting your brand in front of the right people at the right time, a PR agency will find ways to represent your brand positively for your audience to see. In this article, SLG take a closer look at just three of the ways a PR agency could help your brand.

1) Increase brand awareness 

Hiring a PR agency for your brand can open up a new avenue to increase brand awareness and widen your audience. The right PR agency is able to handle the relationship between the media and your business, getting your name out there to the right publications. They will be responsible for pitching to journalists or influencers to gain media coverage for your brand, whether it’s in print, on screen, on the radio or online.

A PR agency is able to ensure your brand is active within your industry’s community, so your audience is a relevant one. They know the best trade shows, exhibitions or conferences to attend where your brand will benefit from being on show. 

2) Manage your brand’s reputation

Even if your brand already has a great rapport with its audience, it’s important to keep this up and maintain the positive reputation. A PR agency can manage the engagement with your followers across various marketing channels, including social media, your website and email newsletters. In turn, this helps to build an authentic and genuine brand for your customers, as they see a brand that responds in the most appropriate ways.

A PR agency will be able to ensure customers have a positive experience with your brand, and if not, they will also carry out crisis management. This means should you receive any negative press, or there is a sensitive issue that needs your attention, it can be dealt with appropriately in a way that won’t leave lasting damage.

3) Promote products and services

If your brand is about to launch a new product or offer a new service, a PR agency can provide the platform you need to shout about it. By hiring a PR team you can promote new launches with ease through the likes of press releases and events that can get the word out.

These types of announcements are at the heart of a PR agency’s expertise. From creative events and PR stunts to attention-grabbing press releases, this could be a huge opportunity for your brand to achieve maximum exposure.