Three tips to help you balance home, work and parenting

If you were to split your day up into thirds, then you would see that you work for one third of the day (eight hours), sleep for another third (eight hours), and for the final third of the day you have free time (eight hours). 

However, if you work full time and are also a parent, then it might feel like you don’t have eight hours of ‘free time’ as you have to do household chores and look after your children. It is very easy to burnout especially if you are always very busy.

If you want a better work-life balance then check out these three tips on how to balance home, work, and parenting. 

Why the right work-life balance is important

One study found that only one third of UK employers are happy with their work-life balance. Of those asked, British workers believe that their jobs take up half of their lives. 

There are similar statistics for American workers, with 66% of full time employees in the US believing that they don’t have a work-life balance.

Why does a work-life balance matter? Some studies have shown that people who have a good work-life balance are overall happier and are more productive when they are working. 

So, if you need to re-evaluate how you spend your time and try to get a better balance then follow these tips.

1) Ask your employer for flexible working

Some people find it beneficial to ask their employer for flexible working. This could mean that you work from home a few days a week, or that you go into the office earlier/later and leave earlier/later. 

If your children need to be taken to and picked up from school, you could work out a good routine with your partner where one of you takes them and the other picks them up. Or you could ask your employer if you could work from home, so you are able to take your children to and from school.

According to a spokesperson from, many employers are embracing the work-life balance, so if you have special requirements then ask. Your employer will try to be as accommodating as possible, which might help you to achieve a better balance.

2) Assign household chores

Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Even if you have super powers you still would exhaust yourself from having to do everything. Assign household chores amongst your partner and your family. 

Split the chores up and have a weekly rota so that everyone knows what they need to do and when. If your children are old enough, encourage them to do some household chores too (this can be a great way to put your feet up and relax, whilst they earn some pocket money). 

Give yourself one day off each week. If you feel exhausted and feel as though you have to do everything, make sure you take time for yourself. Ask your partner to look after the children or get a babysitter and have an evening to yourself.

3) Spend quality time with your children

During the working week, it can be difficult to get everything done and have time for your family, but it is important that you do. Make sure you all sit down together for dinner and talk about everyone’s day. 

Dedicate the weekend to family time, so that you get to spend quality time with your children. Family time doesn’t have to be expensive, you could spend the day at the beach, go for a walk, have an arts and crafts day, etc. remember it is all about enjoying yourselves. 

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Image by shaila19