Three reasons why you may want to consider using a marriage counseling app

Is your relationship going through a tricky patch? Here are three reasons why you may want to consider using a marriage counseling app

People have been seeking out marriage counseling sessions for a long time. However, with the changes in technology advancement, some people are now opting to use marriage counseling apps through different platforms rather than the traditional face-to-face therapy method.

But can apps really be as effective as conventional marriage counseling? Can you trust an app with such an important job? To help you weigh up whether they might be for you, here are three reasons why people are choosing to use them.

1) You can find a therapist who specializes in your issue

One of the main reasons why people prefer apps is because you get matched with a therapist who specializes in your problem.

Every couple faces different issues, and it can help to work with someone who understands what you are going through, rather than a therapist who offers in general marriage counseling.

This increases your chances of getting the help you need, as quickly as possible, to resolve whatever marital issue you could be going through. This is especially important because when it comes to marriage counseling, timing is everything.

2) You don’t have to meet in person

What happens when you and your partner can’t bear to be in the same place at the same time? With the marriage counseling app, this isn’t a problem; you can both attend the therapy session from different locations on a common platform.

This way, you can wait until you have both cooled down or have benefited from guidance from your therapist before you meet up.

Also, if you work at different times, you don’t have to change your schedules to make time for a counseling appointment – the apps work to everyone’s schedule.

3) It’s more private

Some couples are afraid of being judged, or people stigmatizing them for a failing marriage. Sometimes this can lead to them avoiding seeking help – until it’s too late to salvage their relationship.

One popular feature of marriage counseling apps is that they are discrete, and couples don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about their issues. 

Is a marriage guidance app right for you?

It’s important to point out that these apps aren’t right for everyone. Some may not wish to use them because of a few drawbacks like lack of in-person interaction, or worries about lack of security and ethical issues.

And, while many people are using these apps – and have found the help they need, it’s important not to see any form of marriage counseling app as a guaranteed savior.

Ultimately, it is about the time and effort couples put into their counseling sessions that will make a difference. You can receive all the help in the world, but without effort and commitment, your marriage may fail.

Photo by Vladimir Kudinov