Three reasons why continuous training is important when you work for yourself

Being self-employed can be extremely fulfilling, especially when you’ve invested the time and effort required to become a respected professional in your field.

However, as someone who is responsible for generating your own income and finding your own clients, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of competition with other small businesses and freelancers who are always willing to go the extra mile.

In other words, if you don’t focus on your own self-improvement through continuous training, you can be sure that your competition will, which will make your services and skills increasingly obsolete as time passes. So, here are three reasons why continuous training is so important when you work for yourself.

1) You’ll land higher-paying jobs

When you have the credentials to prove that you’re the most skilled person for the job, you can charge a premium for your services, and prospects will pay it without batting an eye. By enrolling in comprehensive training courses that offer certification in an area relevant to your field, you can position yourself to become a premium provider.

Digital training is probably the best bet for anyone who wants to be able to learn from anywhere. There are plenty of sites that offer a multitude of training course options for you to choose from.

Course providers like Digital Class Training provide a wide range of professional training courses on popular self-employment topics like internet marketing, SEO, WordPress, and Photoshop.

2) You’ll keep your regular clients

In addition to making yourself eligible for higher-paying projects, improving your skills will also help you keep existing clients. Plus, by showing a consistent increase in the quality of the work you provide, you’re more likely to gain positive testimonials and referrals along the way.

Likewise, as you begin to learn new skill sets, you can launch related services that can be upsold to increase the average amount of each invoice. Overall, continuous training will equip you with the ability to facilitate enhanced satisfaction for any client, whether you’ve been working for them for days or years.

3) You’ll improve your portfolio and resume

Finally, your newfound skill will serve as a shiny star on your resume and help you land new projects that will boost the appeal of your portfolio. Even before you start to see tangible results, the positive impact on your resume will be immediately apparent.

Choosing the right training course is important, as not all of them will give you a certificate or other proof of completion. Start by choosing the class that will have the most noticeable impact on your overall abilities as an entrepreneur. For most self-employed individuals, the best courses to pursue initially would be internet-related studies like marketing, SEO, site building, and content creation.

30 minutes per day is all it takes

While investing in your career may seem like a hassle at first glance, you can get it done by devoting only 30 minutes per day for a few days each week. If you do that for a whole year, you could potentially earn several certifications in that time frame and you’re only spending the amount of time it takes to watch a single episode of a TV show each day.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor