Three free online tools to help you set (and achieve) goals

It’s all very well setting yourself ambitious goals. But when you’re juggling school or toddler groups, housework and your business, there’s not always much time (or brain space!) to keep track of your progress.

Three free online tools to help you reach your goals

That’s why these three online tools/apps are so great. They’ll help you stick to your goals, for free.

  1. Week Plan was inspired by the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The weekly planner helps you keep track of your achievements and goals on your laptop or mobile device.
  2. Developed by Yale University economists, Stickk enables you to set up a ‘commitment contract’ to help you stick to your goal. You decide on an incentive to keep you on track, and a referee to check you’ve reached your aim.
  3. Set your goal and completion date on Goalmigo and you can organise reminders and a tracking log to help you stay on course. For extra support you can even share your goals with friends and join online groups for support and tips.

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