Three concepts that will drive your brand loyalty through the roof

The holy grail of good business is to drive brand loyalty. If you can get your customers coming back for more and more, you’ll inevitably build an incredible company. 

However, generating brand loyalty isn’t always straightforward. Yes, you have to offer great customer service, but there’s more to it than that. 

1) Focus on value, not just quality

Quality is great and consumers love it. However, it’s not quite the same as value. Quality is an objective property of your product or service. For instance, in chip production, quality refers to the number of defective cells. 

However, value is the psychic reward that consumers derive from your products. You could be selling low-quality tat, but so long as it gives customers something they want, it has value to them. 

For instance, just look at Apple. Its smartphones contain old technology and built-in obsolescence, and yet customers still love purchasing the company’s products. 

2) Get in touch with customers in novel ways

Customer inboxes are bombarded with marketing messages every day. In fact, the problem is now so bad that most mail providers automatically sort emails, partitioning them into regular emails and promotional content. Standing out and generating loyalty in this environment is nearly impossible. 

FireText believes that the solution is to communicate with customers in novel ways in contexts where there isn’t so much competition for their attention, such as text messages. 

If you own a brand, you can take a look at how FireText can help with your SMS marketing here. The idea is to communicate with customers through a channel that they enjoy. Sending text messages could make it more likely that they will sign up or buy your services. 

3) Create unexpected incentives

Customers remember companies that do things differently. So, don’t just copycat your competitors. Find ways to generate unexpected incentives that encourage customers to come back for more. 

For instance, you could: 

  • Send customers regular birthday messages
  • Offer gifts alongside regular products
  • Celebrate personal milestones with customers
  • Post on your client’s social media feed

Small changes like this can make a big difference. Many of these concepts and ideas for building brand loyalty are essentially free, and yet hardly any companies are actually using them effectively. 

Keep track of everything you do for your customers

Don’t allow your business to get sloppy. Keep track of everything that you do for your customers to ensure that your standards remain high. Conduct regular audits and check your processes continually, looking for opportunities to improve. 

If you send marketing to your customers, always make sure that you personalize it in the correct way. Pay close attention to titles, such as Mr. Dr. and Mrs., since these can have a tremendous effect on how people perceive you. 

Also, be proactive. Find out what’s causing your client problems and fix it directly yourself. If they are struggling to find a part, service or supplier to complement yours, do it for them. 

In summary, you need to continually reward loyal customers for sticking with your brand. Never let your guard down.

Photo by Adam Winger