Three Canadian entertainment sectors ripe for investment

Canada is a vast country, rich in natural resources and with a buoyant tourism sector. Yet its economy is supported by a range of different industries, one of which is the burgeoning entertainment sector.

In the next few years, some of its many branches are set to grow by expected revenues as high as 10% per annum. Below, we discuss the entertainment sectors set for growth and investment that you need to watch. 

1) Online casinos

The iGaming sector is growing in Canada exponentially. For lovers of casino games, including slots, the industry is buoyed by new providers, games, and a whole host of attractive offers.

The unique geography of Canada has also contributed to this. It is not always possible for people to visit a physical casino in such a large area with remote locations. BonusFinder Canada is one of the companies benefitting from this, working as a platform that trawls providers and digs out the best bonuses and games.

This ensures that consumers get the best deal for their money, making sign-ups easier and safer at the same time. 

Another factor that has spurred growth is the innovation in gaming provisions. Table games and slots have been given a huge overhaul, with exciting bonus rounds and interactive elements. Live casino is a new platform that lets croupiers run a game and live-stream their actions directly to the players involved. All this has managed to target both hardcore and casual players alike, increasing growth. 

Finally, Canada is realising the benefits that gaming can bring. With the right taxes, and many companies paying attention to their social responsibilities such as advocating responsible gambling, the sector is taking Canada by storm. 

2) Movie theatres

You can install theatre-style seating, pay for the best projector and purchase the best surround sound system for your home. Yet none of it will have the true allure of the cinema. The smell of popcorn, the posters for upcoming features, and even the ornately decorated carpets all contribute to the enchantment. Going to the movies is a unique experience that is hard to replicate. 

This has been noted by emerging audience demographics, who have now made movie theatres one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries in the country. Young adults, eager for an experience to share, are venturing back into the cinema.

After years of being hampered by social restrictions and streaming services, the movies are now back on track. And it is not just the big franchises like Cineplex that are regaining popularity either. Smaller, boutique cinemas are also seeing a resurgence.

3) Amusement parks and arcades

Amusement parks and arcades are another industry that has been hit hard over the last few years. Yet for the same reason as movie theatres’ popularity, the levels these attractions used to be at are now returning to normal. In the coming two years, IBISWorld note that the industry is expected to grow by around 8.4%. 

When it comes to Amusement Parks, Canada does it on a grand scale. The biggest in the country is Wonderland, which occupies 330 acres. It has two hundred attractions and 16 rollercoasters, making it one of the most visited in the whole of North America. Yet there are plenty of others around the country, from La Ronde in Montreal to Calaway Park in Calgary. 

Of course, numerous factors could play a part in the future of these sectors. Tourism in the country will play a huge role, which in turn is influenced by global economics. However, as a potential investment, they are all areas that should be considered.