Thoughtful gifts your great grandmother will love

Why is it so hard to buy presents for our grandmothers, or even great grandmothers? Maybe it’s because everyone always buys traditional gifts, such as sewing sets or coffee mugs.

However, not all older women are sitting in rocking chairs knitting their hearts out. Many of then are meeting with their friends, gardening, or gathering with family, and generally living an active life with varied interests.

It can often be hard to know what to give your grandmother or great grandmother as a gift. Here are some ideas of gifts they may like to inspire you.


A piece of jewelry will touch your grandmother or great grandmother’s heart and make her smile.

Jewelers like Agape Diamonds often have a variety of tennis bracelets, earrings, and necklace pendants, and will be able to help you find the perfect piece for your price range.

You can even buy a simulated diamond that is a man-made single crystal. Not every simulated diamond achieves the look of a natural diamond, but some do. These diamonds are also completely conflict-free, making your gift meaningful in more ways than one.

In an Agape Diamonds review, customers express their satisfaction with both their service and their jewelry.

Your grandmother or great-grandma will be delighted with a stunning piece of jewelry, and appreciate it all the more because it came from you.

You can also gift your grandmother or great-grandmother a beautiful Mikimoto pearl piece, such as a necklace or a pair of earrings. Pearls add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit. Pearls are also timeless, so your grandmother or great-grandmother can use them for a long time.

A gift card

What better way to show your grandmother or great grandma you care than with a gift card to her favorite store?

It can be hard knowing what she needs or wants, and with a gift card, she can choose exactly what she likes. If you are unsure of her favorite store, you could always get her a Visa gift card. This will offer her the most flexibility. She can use it for gas, online purchases, or even food, making it a versatile, practical gift, too.


You can never miss with gifting clothes – as long as you know their size, their favourite store and their style.

So make an excuse to have a snoop in your grandmother or great grandmother’s closet and have a look at their clothing labels, if you can. Or surreptitiously ask them where they shop.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful new item of clothing? If you’re not sure about choosing clothes, you can always pick up stylish accessories, such as a scarf to brighten up their outfits. Or even a soft, new bathrobe – something we don’y often buy ourselves but is a real treat to have new.

If you are online shopping, you could try searching for blazers, a sweater, or a blouse for women. if you get stuck some shops, like the White House Black Market website, offer a chat service where you can talk with a stylist. This way, you can get a second opinion on what type of clothing your great grandmother would enjoy.

Personalized blanket

Grandparents love personalized gifts. It’s something they can show off to their friends and it will remind them of you.

And when you personalize a blanket you can have many options for personalization. For example, you can add the names of her grandchildren or great grandchildren, plus their birthdays. You can add up to 30 names to some blankets, and they measure a generous 50 x 60 inches, giving plenty of warmth in winter.

This inexpensive gift will last through generations. It’ll be a significant addition to your great grandmother’s living room or bedroom. She can always look at this blanket to remind her what a wonderful family she has.

Hearing aids

Sometimes our loved one can have a tough time hearing us talk. As we get older we can lose our hearing, making communication difficult. Gifting your great grandma hearing aids might not be the most obvious gift, but she’ll appreciate being able to hear better if she’s struggling – even if she’s resistant at first.

She should start by having a hearing test done to see which hearing aid would suit her best. Be a good listener but also explain to her the outcome of having one if she is against it. Make her feel more comfortable about it by offering to go with her to any appointments.

Show her the difference between the open-fit hearing aid which goes behind the ear vs the digital hearing aids which push into your eardrum.

If you are considering a digital hearing aid, there’s a wide variety to choose from. For example, there are now hearing aids that can connect to your phone or with other smart devices to make phone calls or play music. Encourage her and remind her how great it’ll be once the hearing aids work the way they are intended to. 

It doesn’t matter in many ways what gift you choose – your grandmother or great grandmother will appreciate your time and thought in choosing them. So don’t overthink it, just do your best. And as always, make sure you save the receipt for things you buy in case they have to be returned.