Thinking of investing in UK property? Here are five areas to consider

Thinking of investing in UK property, but not sure what area or type of property to choose? Here are five areas and markets to consider.

Property investment can be a wise way to make the most of your savings, and there are some rewarding prospects out there in 2018.

With a combination of rental yields and capital appreciation, the benefits of property investing are twofold. And the UK’s housing shortfall and the increase in private renters mean that many consider now to be an ideal time to invest in UK buy to let property.

To help you narrow down your search, here are five property investment opportunities in the UK.

1) Student property in Manchester

Manchester has one of the highest student populations in Europe, and this buzzing city is perfect for property investment.

House prices have risen exponentially in Manchester over the last decade and this trend looks set to continue. Manchester’s growing student population (attending universities like the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal Northern College of Music) are looking for high quality accommodation in the city centre or near their institution.

There are a number of property investment specialists like RW Invest have a number of student properties ready for investors.

2) Studio apartments in Liverpool

Liverpool has experienced a dramatic rise in population over the past few years, and is becoming one of the key locations in the UK government’s Northern Powerhouse Strategy.

Increased investment in regions like Liverpool One, the Baltic Triangle and Wirral Waters have led to better job prospects, attracting skilled workers to the area.

As a result, new build properties in the city centre are increasingly popular with young professionals who want to be close to the cities vibrant culture and famous nightlife.

3) Houses in the North East

The North East has also been experiencing a renaissance, with increased investment and new initiatives that are encouraging people to move to the area.

Many of these new workers are looking for rental accommodation, putting houses in the North East in high demand. Places like Sunderland, Newcastle and Middlesbrough have been experiencing property price rises, but are still affordable compared to other areas of the UK.

4) Apartments in London

While investing in London isn’t as popular as it has been in the recent past, the capital is still a hotspot for investment from around the world.

Rents in London are some of the highest in the country, and areas like Chelsea, Kensington and the city of London can provide potential investors with astonishing rental income.

Property values in London are topping the UK house price lists and have grown incredibly over the last ten years. If you can afford the huge price tag, investing in London property still offers potential for capital appreciation and high monthly rents.

5) Student property in Cardiff

Cardiff is experiencing a dramatic shift in its population, with a huge influx of students making it one of the youngest cities in the UK.

Consequently, there is a severe shortage of student beds, and new developments across the city are trying to cater for this growing need. Currently, 20% of Cardiff’s population are students and the demand for purpose built student accommodation has never been higher.

Property prices in Cardiff are significantly lower than the UK average, and this swing towards student property investment means that a Cardiff student property can be an affordable and profitable investment option.

Photo by Jamie Whiffen