The top fashion advice for 2021

We’re nearing the end of 2020, and normally around now people will be making predictions about what we’ll be wearing in 2021.

But with the world in such chaos, it feels impossible to predict anything, let alone our wardrobe! Not only has how we shop changed, but many of our lifestyles today are drastically different to this time last year. And we don’t know how they may change again in the coming months.

All that said, it’s fun to think about our wardrobe, and can be a pleasant distraction from everything we see on the news. So here are some quick, top-line fashion tips for 2021.

A classic suit

Suits are a timeless trend, and that makes them a fairly safe bet, fashion-wise. The cuts and colours may change with trends, but a classic, well cut suit is likely to see you through many seasons.

Suits are also an incredibly versatile investment. A suit jacket and trousers (or skirt) can be worn together or split for a more casual look. It can be dressed up with high heels, and down with trainers. And given an androgynous look with brogues or boots.

You can wear your suit trousers or skirt with a formal shirt, or a t-shirt and denim jacket. And your suit jacket can be worn over a dress or with jeans.

Puffy winter jackets

The overall public opinion has changed many times in the past years regarding puffy winter jackets, but right now it’s absolutely in fashion, and will probably remain so the beginning of 2021.

Jackets like Moncler Coats can make a strong fashion statement, and can make an interesting silhouette if worn with contrasting, more subtle pants. Bigger sneakers can contribute to this effect even more.

But fashion aside, possibly the best quality of a puffy winter jacket is its comforting warmth. In a long winter where life still feels very uncertain, wrapping yourself up in a cosy puffer jacket feels pretty good.

Gold jewelry

This year in particular, gold jewelry has been a really big game-changer in the fashion industry. Jewelry trends have become way more flamboyant, and people are becoming bolder and bolder when it comes to the way that they use their fashion jewelry and accessories in contrast to, actually, more simple and clean clothing choices.

Many designers and celebrities are embracing gold jewellery too, and choosing it over the platinum settings that have been trending in the past few years.

The great thing about gold jewelry is that it can add instant elegance and class to the most simple outfit – making it the perfect way to enhance your work-from-home comfort clothes on a work Zoom call.


Not only are sneakers much more comfortable than stilettos, but they are also the number one fashion trend when it comes to footwear these days.

Just take a look at influencers and celebrities, and there’s a pretty strong chance you’ll see them in sneakers sneakers. The best part is that they go with pretty much everything (and are really comfortable!) – they’re as comfortable with jeans and matching sneaker apparel as they are with a dress or a suit.

These are just some quick suggestions for you. In truth there’s no such thing as a hard and fast guide when it comes to fashion choices.

While it’s good (and fun) to keep an eye on trends, you’ll always look and feel at your best when you’re wearing clothes that feel like ‘you’. And that’s one trend no one else can copy from you… whatever is in fashion right now.