The right way to choose a roofing contractor – for every beginner

Need a roofer to repair or replace a roof on your home for the first time? Find out how to find the best company for the job.

If your of needs repairing, or even replacing, for the first time, trying to find the best contractor for the job can be a nightmare. How can you know who is good, and who isn’t?

Pick the right company such as Roofers Waterloo experts and they will fix your roof and leave your home protected and dry for years. Make a bad decision and you risk paying over the odds for the work, on unwittingly hiring a cowboy who leaves you with leaks far sooner than you’d hope.

However, the difference between the ‘right company’ and a ‘cowboy’ can be hard to tell, especially if you are a beginner to hiring roofing contractors. So where should you start your search?

The obvious first step these days when looking for almost every tradesperson is to type ‘roofing contractors near me’ in your Google search bar. This will help bring up local installers who are based close by. You can also check out reviews of roofing contractors who work near you.

Companies at the top of the search results are likely to be the most established. But it isn’t a given that they are the best. And they may be more expensive than companies who don’t have such a prominent web presence. So what should you do with your search results?

Shortlist your preferred roofing company for the job

It is never a good idea just to go with the first contractor you find. Instead, you need to make a shortlist of your preferred installers from your search (or personal recommendations) then check them out.

Ask the companies on your shortlist to visit your home, examine the work and give you a quote. This will give you the opportunity to meet your potential contractors and get a feel of how trustworthy and professional they seem.

Knowing how to price a roofing job isn’t easy. And some contractors may use different factors in their quote. They should include labor and materials, but if the work site is far away, they may include travel expenses as well. If a contractor gives you an estimate that’s way below what others are giving you, they could be leaving something out that may be priced in later.

Their quote will also help you choose between them. Was their quote professionally presented, with all costs listed? Did it seem a fair price for the work? (Beware anyone who quotes too cheaply – they will either be cutting corners, or have underpriced the work.)

And do they have the appropriate licences and insurance to cover their work? Are they members of any relevant professional body?

Check reviews and recommendations

As well as getting quotes from the roofing contractors on your shortlist, it is important to check out their reviews and recommendations. Start with their Google business profile, and look at any trade review sites and their own website.

You can even ask them for numbers of happy customers you can contact. This might be a bit extreme if you are only hiring them for a small repair job. But if you need someone to replace your entire roof, it is wise to do due diligence before hiring a company.

Qualifications or not?

As you search for a roofing company, remember that educational qualification is of little or no importance. Most roofers will have learned on the job as apprentices, rather than attended college. However, you must ensure the contractor understands modern techniques and uses the right materials, and have the right insurance and licenses to cover their work.

Take the time and choose the right roofing company

Your roof is an essential part of your home – it shelters and protects you from the elements and needs to be in good working order. If yours needs repair or replacement, make sure you take your time and find the right company to help you.