The most trusted companies in the USA, according to millions of customer reviews 

Building products and services is (relatively) easy. It’s a case of meeting customer needs or doing something better and cheaper than your competitors. Simple stuff.

But the hard part, and the really important part, is building and maintaining a brand that people love and trust.

“You are your brand,” said Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. “Your brand is what everyone else says about your company when you’re not in the room.”

Lisa Gansky, an American entrepreneur and co-founder of the world’s first commercial website, agrees:

“Your brand is your public identity; it’s what you’re trusted for. And for your brand to endure, it has to be tested, redefined, managed, and expanded as markets evolve. Companies will either learn this lesson or disappear.”

So which US companies are following this killer advice? Which are doing the best job of building the trust that’s the foundation of any great brand?

These are the questions that kicked off this latest study by the researchers at OnDeck.

And in their search for the nation’s most trusted brands, Ondeck’s researchers went right to the source: Trustpilot. They compiled a list of US-operated firms, checked out their Trustpilot profiles, and then calculated the percentage of five-star ratings.

Who came out on top as the USA’s most trusted brand?

That worthy accolade went to NCH Legal Service, a small firm operating out of Nevada. It came out with an almost perfect score, with 97% of its Trustpilot reviews hitting the 5-star mark.

The study also breaks down the results by industry. For example, it highlights the USA’s most trusted tech firm based on Trustpilot reviews. And it’s not Google or Meta.

Instead, it’s Vision Computers Inc, an independently-owned computer repair service in Georgia.

“Perfect service” reads on review. “There’s always a real human ready to pick up the phone when I need help, and I trust that they will always give me the support I need.

Check out the rest of America’s most trusted brands in the charts and table below.