The most desirable employee benefits

Employee benefits can make your company more appealing to current and potential team members. Find out the most desirable benefits to consider.

There are many different employee benefits you can consider offering. Everything from discounted meals and childcare voucher, to wellness programmes can help to increase job satisfaction in your business. Especially as, after the pandemic, many people are reassessing their work-life balance and looking to make some improvements. 

So, what are employee benefits?

Employers can include benefit packages alongside a worker’s normal salary. These packages offer extra incentives to improve employee wellbeing and job satisfaction. They can also help to improve the work-life balance and make it easier for employees to manage their personal lives. 

What benefits do you need to offer?

Employers are legally required to offer benefits like income protection. If they happen to provide something else, consider getting income protection cover on your own. Every employee is entitled to core benefits – no matter their seniority or experience. 

However, they are not legally required to offer desirable benefits, like employee referral bonuses and subsidised gym memberships. Often these perks are used to improve employee retention and attract new team members. 

Some businesses offer a company car as an employee perk to help employees get around more easily. Employers could look at a Kia dealer in Northern Ireland to find the perfect company car for their team.  

You could add a benefits package to your employee’s salaries to help them save money and add to their disposable income. For example, if an employee requests a higher salary and you can’t afford to do so, you could offer them more benefits instead. 

You can also promote these benefits packages from the offset. Include the benefits your company offers in the job description, employee contract and company website. Candidates are looking for benefits schemes when they apply for jobs. 

What employee benefits are the most desirable?

Here are some of the most desirable benefits you could offer.

Many offices offer a free breakfast one day a week for employees. You could offer bacon sandwiches or avocado toast during your Friday morning catch-up. Or, you could invest in a coffee machine for the office to have delicious drinks at their disposal.

Some employers go down the healthcare route and offer dental care plans and subsidised gym memberships. You can use your benefits package to show your team that you care about their physical and mental well-being. A valued team member is far more likely to stay with your company.

After a year of remote working, some businesses offer a flexible approach to working hours in the post-pandemic era. Employees can choose to work in the office or at home for part of the week. Remote working has many benefits, including more time with family, less time commuting, and an improved work-life balance. Flexible working hours is a highly sought after benefit.

With an attractive benefits package, your team is likely to be productive and invest more time in your company. Make your employees feel valued at work so they can get the most out of their roles.