Taking a break: three ways to pamper yourself at home

In this time-and-task driven world, it’s easy to feel that we’re too busy to take a break. Or too stressed and worried to switch off.

But taking a break isn’t a luxury; it’s essential. You can’t keep going like a machine. In order to work at your most productive, and enjoy good mental and physical heat, you need to rest sometimes.

Research also shows that taking a break can do wonders in boosting your creativity and productivity. Taking a break gives your body the chance to replenish its mental resources while also refreshing your mind.

You’ll be surprised at how many tricky problems you solve, and how many ‘aha’ moments you have just by switching off and giving your conscious mind a rest.

The good news is that there are many ways to pamper yourself – and they don’t all require visiting an expensive spa. Here are three ideas to inspire you.

1) Indulge in a sauna

Many people love to spend time in a sauna not just to relax, but to improve their health as well. Saunas can loosen tight muscles, reduce stress, and give you that elusive ‘me’ time as you hide away from the world and indulge in some solo relaxation.

You can visit saunas at gyms and spas like Rimba Sweat Sauna Studio, but you may have to share your down-time with others. If you want to indulge in regular, solo saunas then you can install your own at home.

If you love the idea of your very own sauna, check these 2 person options. They’re big enough to enjoy alone of with a partner or friend. Just turn on the music and let the hot temperature soothe your body.

There are many saunas that you can find online through reputable companies. Each model has its own different set of features, enabling you to choose the model that best suits your preferences.

2) Watch a good movie

Who doesn’t love a bit of escapism? Yes, you may be flopping down on your sofa in suburbia after an exhausting day of work, but switch on the TV and you can transport your imagination virtually anywhere courtesy of a good film.

Losing yourself in a good film can help to reduce your stress levels – as long as it isn’t a horror film or edge-of-your-seat action thriller! For 90 minutes or so you can forget your deadlines, bills and worries and get sucked into a wonderful story.

You can fall in love with a romance, or be mesmerized by a fantasy epic adventure. And with so many streaming options today, the world literally is your oyster!

3) Cook your favorite dish

Don’t wait until you have a group of friends coming over for a dinner party to treat yourself to a delicious, salt up meal. You can create wonderful meals for yourself when you dine alone at home – or just you and your partner – too.

Make a weekend evening more special by planning a task three course meal. Many people find the prep and routine of cooking relaxing, so even cooking your meal – especial with the anticipation of enjoying it later – can be enjoyable.

Feel too exhausted to consider slaving away at the stove? You don’t need to spend hours on a fiddle recipe. Just buy fresh, quality ingredients and you can throw together a quick, healthy pasta dish. Many can easily be made just for one.

Why not double the pleasure by preparing your favourite dish, and settling down in front of a good movie?

Photo by Tina Dawson