Summer ethnic wear trends with Anarkali suits

The salwar kameez has been a staple ethnic dress for women of the Indian subcontinent for many years. This particular attire has evolved over time, and transformed magnificently.

Salwar suit trends come and go, but Anarkali salwar suits are timeless, adapting to the latest trends. You can shop anarkali suits online to find the latest styles.

Unlike other ethnic outfits, Anarkali suits are versatile, adaptable and functional, and are perfect for all occasions. Whether it is a wedding function or a regular day at work, they look classy and graceful. 

This unique style of salwar kameez is inspired by the Mughal style of dressing. Its long-length frock-like tunic is its distinctive feature and gives it an impressive, flawless silhouette that suits every body type, from skinny and slender to voluptuous and curvaceous.

It allows you to highlight your curves, while concealing what you may not be too comfortable showing off. For slender girls, it adds volume and for shapely women it flatters. 

Traditionally, the outfit is worn with a dupatta or a stole and a churidar bottom. The neckline is usually heavily embroidered or embellished. The length of the tunic varied. It can be knee-length, ankle-length or long-length touching the floor.

Each piece has a voluminous flare that gives it a grand appeal. With time, this garment has also undergone a slight makeover and the designers are experimenting with modern trends and styles. The modern version of this attire is about unique bottom wear, unconventional sleeves, and embellishments around the flare. 

Anakali suit styles for summer

Here are some of the latest Anarkali suit styles for the summer season. 

1) Long-length chiffon Anarkali

Long length Anarkali are back in vogue and women are loving it. To beat the heat, flowy and light fabrics like chiffon are best suited. They look gorgeous in subtle hues that will keep your body cool.

These type of Anarkalis will add a refreshing touch to your personality. It’s perfect for daytime occasions and even evening wear. 

2) Pure cotton Anarkali suits

Undoubtedly, cotton is the fabric of for the summer. So it’s time to bring out your cotton Anarkalis and beat the heat in style. Pure cotton in light colors and minimal embroidery will give you an easy-breezy to suit the needs of the weather.

At the same time, it will make you look graceful and enhance your natural beauty immaculately. You can even try cotton silk and chanderi cotton if you are looking for something fancier. 

3) Pastels

Blooming pastels are the colour of the season. Shop Anarkali suits online at Lashkaraa and find some eccentric colors that will suit your mood and personality. Pastels are elegant and the perfect color for the summers. They look graceful and charming with a mystical vintage allure to it.

There is a diverse range of pastel colors to choose from such as mint green, sage green, dull pink, sky blue, icy grey, lemon yellow, peach and more. You can even pair these contrasting colors to create a unique ensemble for the upcoming big event.

4) Anarkalis with skirts

As mentioned above, Anarkali suits were typically a combination of frock-like tunic paired with churidar pants. However, with changing times, there is a change in preferences too. Anarkalis with skirts is a raging trend. This unconventional approach to Anarkali dresses gives it a statement look. It makes this elegant ensemble even more grand and impressive.

This combination has been worn by several Bollywood divas on ramps and in their movies. Try this new look and you will not be disappointed. You are certainly going to love the extra volume the skirt will add to your attire. Pick contrasting colors to create a layering effect.

5) Anarkalis with palazzos

Palazzo suits have been the rage among Indian women. They loved this attire ever since it arrived at Indian fashion scene and it seems this trend is here to stay a while longer. As for Anarkalis, they seem to be timeless too for women.

Imagine the impact when the two of the most iconic ethnic wears are combined. The latest trends are pointing towards Anarkalis with palazzos pants. Women are replacing the traditional Anarkali suits look by replacing the churidars with palazzos pants.

The combination is fabulous, and it creates a sophisticated look. The flattering silhouette of Anarkali and relaxed-fit of palazzos is perfect to flaunt your fashion-forward style statement.

6) Florals

There is no better season than spring and summer to wear floral prints and patterns. Delicate flower prints and embroideries on flared Anarkali look absolutely gorgeous and enchanting. Floral print Anarkali suits are great for scorching summer days and for you to still look stylish.

Wear it as a work dress or on any occasion, it is certain that you will enrapture a few hearts. The floral prints will amp up your feminine prowess and make you look royal like a queen. Don’t forget to style the dress well with just the right number of trinkets. 

7) Anarkalis as summer dresses

The good thing about long-length or floor-touching Anarkalis is that they don’t necessarily haveto be worn as a salwar kameez. You can ditch the bottom for uber-classy look for summer events. The Anarkali kurta can instantly be converted to a cool summer dress.

Add a jhumkis and bracelet to enhance your look and like a style diva in no time. Cotton and chiffon Anarkalis are perfect for such a look. These fabrics will give you an impeccable look of a fashionista.