Starting a business can make you more happy and confident

Women who start their own businesses say that they enjoy more job satisfaction, a better work-life balance and feel more confident.

A survey of 300 UK-based female entrepreneurs commissioned by Royal Bank of Scotland learned that job satisfaction levels in female business owners rose from 55% to 75% after they started their company.

It also found that their confidence also went up from 64% to 73%, and contentment with their work-life balance increased from 60% to 70%.

RBS’ managing director of diversity in business, Anne McPherson acknowledged the positive impact running your own business can have on women, saying:

“This research reveals that starting a business can be a really life-enhancing decision for many women.

We are delighted that around half of women want to start their own business. This research really backs up this ambition.”

The good news is that when women do decide to start a business, they don’t waste time. 66% of women set up a business within a year of having an idea, compared with just 60% of men.

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