Six ways to look gorgeous with eyeglasses

Need to wear glasses, but don’t know how to choose the right pair? You’ll find helpful tips here to find the right pair – and wear them with confidence. 

Many years ago, glasses were considered to be nerdy. However, in recent years they’ve enjoyed a style and beauty renaissance, with celebrities and models using them as style accessories.

The right pair of glasses can highlight your best features and boost your attractiveness. But how do you know which pair to choose? To help you, here are six tips to ensure you look gorgeous in eyeglasses.

1) Choose the right frame

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing frames. Perhaps you’re looking for the toughest glasses frames you can get because you are active a lot and might break a normal pair. When looking for a frame, you need to take into account the shape of your face (your optical shop specialist or optometrist, like from will usually be able to help you with this).

Here’s a quick guide to the best frames for each face shape to help you.

If you have a round face:

  • Choose a frame that is longer in width than its height.
  • Use nose pads to accentuate your face and to avoid highlighting your round cheeks as well.
  • Avoid round-shaped glasses.

If you have a square face:

  • Choose a frame that is wider, with minimal depth and details.
  • Choose ones that will tone down your already strong features.

You have an oval face:

  • Choose a frame that matches the wideness of the broadest part of your facial features
  • Look for frames shaped like a walnut: this shape of structure accentuates your face the most.

If you have a heart-shaped face:

  • Find a frame that is wider at the bottom part, than on the top.
  • Rimless frames are a plus.

2) Highlight the best part of your face

Glasses are the perfect way for you to draw attention to your best features. So look for a pair that complements your natural look. For example:

  • Choose a frame that matches the color of your eyes.
  • Choose a color that goes with your complexion.
  • Cool or pale skin tone goes best with dark-colored frames such as silver, black, gray, dark blue, purple, or dark red.
  • Warm or darker skin tone goes well with gold, beige, green or brown frames. White frames are a major no-no.

3) Wear concealer

Just because you’re wearing glasses doesn’t mean you can stop wearing concealer or makeup. Glasses have an unfortunate tendency to highlight and magnify imperfections around the eye area such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark and swollen under-eyes.

So if you usually wear concealer or makeup, keep up your routine, whether you’re wearing glasses or not.

4) Go for the thinnest lenses you can find

Thick lenses can make your face look tired, old and weary, so when you’re choosing lenses, go for the thinnest possible.

In the ‘old days’ if your eyes needed a lot of help, you were stuck with thick, unflattering lenses. But, thanks to technology, today you can now choose much thinner, close to featherweight, lenses, even if your grade requirement is pretty high.

5) Keep your brows tidy

Glasses draw attention to your eyes, so if you’ve let your brows grow unhindered you may want to give them some attention. Trimmed, nicely shaped brows can highlight carefully chosen lenses. Here’s a beauty expert’s guide to caring for your brows when you wear glasses:

  • If you have thick-framed glasses, keep your brows to a minimum. If possible, go natural and fill in only the spaces needed. Pluck out stray hairs as well. Do not overdo your eyebrows.
  • You can beautify your eyebrows for rimless glasses. If you want strong brows, then you can do so.

6) Consider your skin type

When choosing your frame (who knew there were so many considerations?!) you also need to take into account your skin type, Here are some tips to help you:

  • If your skin is naturally oily, avoid wearing eyeglasses frames that are shiny and glossy, as this will make your face look even more bright and oily.
  • If your skin is dry, or if you wear a matte-finished powder on a daily basis, then matte-finished glasses will work best for you.

Wear your eyeglasses with confidence

We hope these tips help you to choose – and wear – your eyeglasses with confidence. And don’t forget: men and women who wear glasses have not only been perceived as intelligent, but attractive as well.

Some people even wear glasses as an accessory, even though they don’t have a prescription. After all, geeky is the new gorgeous, and smart is the new sexy!

Photo by Franciele Cunha