Six ways to avoid blisters

Love high heels and new shoes but hate the pain that comes from blisters? Discover six ways you can look glamours and stay blister-free.

We often don’t talk enough about the frustrating experience of having blisters ruining our special moment. Whether you’re getting ready for a date night with your significant other or celebrating a birthday in style, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable.

We’ve put together six tips for avoiding blisters, to help you feel just as spectacular as you look. 

1) Choose the right shoes

There are some shoes that just don’t work for everyone, and finding the right fit for you can make or break your outfit.

Our toes are one of the spots that often suffer from tight-fitting shoes, and if that’s you, opt for shoes with a wider toe box to give your feet more room to breathe. 

To prevent blisters on your heels, wear shoes that aren’t too loose, as this can create friction and cause blisters. The back of your heel should stay in place when you wiggle it from side to side.

When choosing the right shoe, quality is of high importance. If you’re buying high heels, make sure they’re made of a soft material that moulds to your feet. Leather shoes are usually on the higher end when it comes to quality, comfort, and looks.

2) Take care of your feet 

Achieving a dazzling look is not just about the shoes you wear but also how you look after your feet. Because that will ultimately affect how you feel and boost your confidence.

Before slipping into your lavish heeled sandals, give your feet a little spa treatment. From keeping them moisturised and exfoliating them to soaking them in EPSOM salt baths, get your feet ready to be adorned with the shoes of your dreams. This will prevent you from developing blisters and make you feel pampered for the night.

3) Moisturise before putting on your shoes

Right before you slip into your favourite pair of shoes, make sure you moisturise the skin to avoid friction.

TikTok content creator dresswithdani_ advises using an anti-friction balm in the form of a stick, which moisturises and hydrates the skin and creates a barrier to prevent blisters. If you’re looking for a more natural alternative, tea tree oil or aloe vera can be applied to the skin with the same level of effectiveness. They are also good for aftercare, as tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties, helping you treat blisters quicker.

Another potent way to prevent blisters other Tik Tok content creators are exploring is deodorant. It has moisture-wicking properties and acts as a barrier, protecting your skin from friction. This makes the process of easing into your new shoes easier.

4) Break in your new shoes

Before showing up at your event or date looking fashionable in your new pair of lavish shoes, give yourself some time to break into them. 

Wear them around the house for a few hours daily to prevent blisters from developing. This is also a chance to revel in their beauty, try different outfits with them, and get used to the fit and feel.

5) Tape it to protect it

Another prevention tool for blisters is taping. You can use a duct tape, a plaster, adhesive moleskin or other soft bandages to tape the problem areas of your foot.

TikTok content creator Angela Mariano advises taping two toes together to keep them snug and avoid friction that causes blisters. She also suggests adding gel inserts for extra cushioning. You can also replace your current insoles on your dress shoes with ones that provide the best comfort for your feet.

6) Check your walking style

An elegant shoe requires an elegant walk to present them down the street runway. Your new pair of knee-high women’s boots deserves a polished and confident presentation, so evaluate how you walk.

Avoid walking on the sides of your feet. Instead, walk on the balls of your feet and be mindful to keep your toes pointed forward. Alongside shining the spotlight on your shoes, this type of walk will help you avoid blisters and injuries.

When wearing heels, you’re making longer steps than usual, so you lean back a little to find balance. This caters to a graceful and more fluid walk, making you look and feel like a runway model. 

The best shoes to avoid blisters

While you can’t predict whether you will get blisters, certain shoe types are known for their comfort and kindness to our feet and are less likely to give you blisters.

For example, contributing Editor for Who What Wear Ray Lowe swears by low to mid-heel wedges. She wore them for a trip to Disneyland, as they are her go-to stylish yet comfortable shoes for long walks.

Other shoes on the list of comfort include chunky heeled boots, platform sandals, and slip-on flats.

Ballet pumps are shaping to be one of the biggest shoe trends for 2023. They are the epitome of comfort, easy to slip into, and perfect for a day-to-night outfit. You can wear them with jeans for a more casual look or dress them up with a dress.

This year, ballet pumps, embellishments, and peep-toes are entering the footwear trends list. The fashionistas are giving you the green light to wear them to a special event or date night but make sure you blister-proof your look for an enjoyable and unforgettable night.

Photo by Auskteez Tran