Six tools and techniques that will make you a better manager

If you work in management, you should always look at ways in which you can become a better manager.

Here are three tools and three techniques that can assist you in doing just that.

Three management tools that can help you

There are various kinds of tools that you can use to improve your management tasks. Here are three tools that you’ll definitely want to consider using.

1) Google Workspace

When you have a powerful management system at your fingertips, you can access a variety of tools to help you better manage your everyday tasks and your workforce.

Google Workspace has most of the tools you need, including documents, spreadsheets, Gmail, calendars, slides, and a number of other very useful management tools.

With such tools, you can keep track of different workflow elements, accurately plan operations, and collaborate with in-house and remote teams.

2) Time Doctor

Time management is an essential part of managing well. Not only do you need to manage your own time to become a better manager. You also need to stay on top of your workforce’s schedules, attendance, and daily activities.

With Time Doctor, you can do a variety of helpful things, including identifying late employees, tracking data to identify top performers, and using data to identify employee weaknesses that could be improved. You can also easily schedule remote teams.

3) Mo

To become a better manager, you should appreciate top employees, recognize employee achievements, and reward workers that hit targets and go above and beyond the call of duty.

But even managers that do embrace rewards and recognition programs can often do so in ways that don’t seem meaningful.

Therefore, you should consider using Mo. You can design and automate your rewards and recognition program in an impactful and meaningful way via Mo’s recognition feature.

For instance, you can go beyond top-down transactional rewards and also access budget controls and reports to easily manage rewards and find more exciting ways to reward your top talent.

Three techniques you can use to become a better manager

When you actively utilise good management techniques in addition to adopting technological tools, you can really up your management game.

Here are three techniques that will enable you to become a better manager.

1) Use communication and listening techniques

Good management always includes excellent communication skills. That means ensuring that you deliver information to your employees in the right way. It also means actively listening to any concerns and ideas that your employees have.

To communicate well, you need to have a friendly but professional approach and ensure you impart important information in a way that’s easily understandable.

When it comes to listening, it’s important that your door is open to your team and you allow them to freely express themselves and provide feedback.

2) Motivate your team

A crucial part of good management has to do with motivation. After all, the more you actively motivate your team, the stronger your employees’ performance will be and the happier they will be in their roles.

So, make sure you identify ways of motivating your team each day.

That can include things like holding upbeat team meetings, introducing incentives, and simply telling employees that they’re doing good jobs.

3) Remember to be human

While you should certainly maintain a line between yourself as a manager and your team, you don’t want to be too standoffish. If you want your employees to respond well to you, it’s crucial that you retain your humanity.

For instance, if you make a mistake, admit that mistake to your team. Or, if you need help with something you don’t fully understand, don’t be afraid to ask your employees for assistance.

When you show your workers that you’re just as human as they are, they’ll respond better to you.