Six achievable (but life-changing) resolutions you can make for 2018

What new year resolutions are you making for 2018? Discover six achievable (but life-changing) resolutions you can make – and stick to! 

A fresh, new year is the perfect opportunity to make a new start in your life. But while many of us may make new years resolutions, according to research, a huge 66% of us have abandoned them after just a month.

So how can you make a resolution that will genuinely change your life for the better – and keep it?

Six achievable (but life-changing) resolutions you can make for 2018

To help you, here are six achievable resolutions you can make for the year ahead, and advice on how to stick to them.

1) Wake up early

Ask any productivity expert for their top tips on getting more done, and they’ll probably list waking up early as one of them.

Getting a head start of the nest of the world gives you the chance to think in peace, tackle your inbox before a new day’s worth of mail arrives, and make battle plans for the day ahead.

Or you could use that time to work on your mental and physical health – go for a run, practice yoga, meditate, or just relish the silence with a cup of tea.

Not a natural early bird? You could carve out some time in the evening instead. Or practise better sleep hygiene and ensure you get a good night’s sleep, ready to tackle the day ahead with more gusto!

2) Enrol in a course

Always wanted to try a new hobby? Change or advance your career? Or just continue your education? If so, why not make 2018 the year you do something about it?

With so many courses available online today, you don’t need to stick to local evening or weekend courses. You can pretty much take your pick of anything!

The key to sticking to a course is to pick wisely. Choose one you’re interested in (preferably with some kind of support or accountability to keep you on track), and make sure you genuinely have the time to work through it.

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3) Change your job

How long have you been moaning to everyone who’ll listen (and a few who’d rather not!) about your job? Isn’t it time to actually do something about it?

If you’re just unhappy about particular elements of your job, then resolve to find ways to improve it (for example, by asking for a pay rise).

However, if it’s time to move on, then start making practical plans. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, and follows best practice (find out how we can help you get a LinkedIn profile that will impress employers here).

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4) Get fit

Apparently 33% of us resolve to get fitter each new year. However, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association 50% of all new health club members quit within six months of joining up according. And attendance has “considerably” tailed off by March.

So if you really want to get fit, think your resolution through carefully. Do you really like going to the gym? And can you genuinely commit to maintaining weekly sessions?

Instead, find a new health routine you will enjoy and stick to – and if you can rope in a friend or two you’ll up your chances of sticking to it too. Why not sign up for a team sport like netball?

Set yourself achievable targets too. For example, if you take up jogging, set yourself a realistic time or distance goal to achieve. Working towards and meeting targets can have a big impact on your motivation.

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5) Start a business

How long have you harboured a secret wish to run your own business? Something that enabled you to do what you loved every day, and get paid for it. Plus you get to decide your own working hours.

But how much progress have you really made towards this dream? To help you, we’ve created two online courses:

  • Business Idea Kit – if you don’t have a business idea (or not sure your idea is really workable) we guide you through the process of coming up with an idea, and mind mapping the seven pillars of a profitable business to check it’s really viable.
  • Kickstart – Kickstart guides you through the first year in business. We help you shape a vision and goal for your business, then work monthly on each area, building it with confidence over the next 12 months with plenty of support. Just imagine – this time next year you could be running your own business!

6) Eat healthily

And finally, if you want to have more energy, get better sleep and think more clearly in the year ahead, you could do much worse than taking a careful look at your diet.

Swapping unhealthy snacks for ones that will help to boost your productivity is a great start. (Here are eight healthy treats you can prepare and take into work.)

You might even resolve to buy more organic food, or even just start meal planning to make it easier for your to shop and prepare healthy mess for you and your family every evening.

Getting the right, nutrient-rich died is important for your hormone level (especially if you’re menopausal, or approaching the menopause).

Jasmine Demeester is a veteran contributor at Dissertation Writers, an online educational forum. She writes blogs to guide students in their studies, career and professional life.