Shifting the odds: How women are changing the gambling industry

Historically, men have exerted significant influence over the gaming business. Find out how this is now changing with more women climbing to the top.

In recent years, an increasing number of women have successfully overcome obstacles and established themselves in this largely male-dominated field. Women have made substantial contributions to the development of the gambling business, ranging from gamblers to professionals, and it is important to acknowledge and appreciate their participation. 

This article will explore the involvement of women in the gambling sector, emphasising their accomplishments and contributions.

Challenging the stereotype 

Women are significantly impacting the gaming industry by their mere presence, which is a highly noticeable and evident transformation. Historically, casinos and sports betting establishments were predominantly occupied by men. Currently, it is not unusual to witness ladies partaking in a casino outing or engaging in sports betting. This trend is facilitating the standardisation of gaming and enhancing its inclusivity for all individuals.

Women are exerting influence on the gaming industry by increasing their level of engagement as participants. Moreover, women increasingly assume leadership positions within the sector, not just merely being there.

As an illustration, there are presently women occupying positions of authority in the casino industry, including CEOs, and there are also women who have chosen to pursue gambling as a vocation. This facilitates the dismantling of prejudices and demonstrates that individuals from any background may succeed in gambling and sports.

An underlying factor behind this transition is the surge in online gambling, which has expanded the scope of chances available to women and enhanced their access to information and tools. Due to the ease and comfort of betting from their residences, women have enthusiastically embraced the realm of wagering.

Furthermore, the rise of casino and sports betting platforms and applications that cater specifically to women has significantly contributed to the increased participation of women in this market. They offer novice bettors intelligent betting recommendations and tactics that ensure a seamless betting experience.

The growing interest in sports among women is another factor in increasing female bettors. Due to the expansion of women’s involvement in professional poker and sports leagues and more media exposure, women have developed a greater interest in these areas. They are more inclined to engage in betting activities on their preferred teams and players or want to pursue a career in the sector.

More women are working in the iGaming industry.

Despite comprising a substantial proportion of the betting population, women are inadequately represented in the professional domain of this industry. Nevertheless, a gradual shift is occurring as an increasing number of women enter the sector and leave a significant impact.

The iGaming sector is still in its early stages of development, with women holding positions at all levels of management. Denise Coates, the founder and CEO of Bet365, is a prominent figure in the gaming industry. However, it is worth noting that several other accomplished women are also in this field.

Sarah Robertson is Chief Executive Officer of the Kindred Group, among the largest global firms in the online gaming industry. She has played a pivotal role in driving substantial expansion and triumph for the organisation through her specialised knowledge and exceptional guidance.

Despite the industry’s remaining progress in achieving gender equality, there are indications of positive movement.

Technology is playing a crucial role 

The widespread availability facilitated by contemporary technologies has popularised gambling, especially with the latest 2024 online casino sites in New Zealand

In addition, internet gambling has expanded the range of individuals participating and has questioned the conventional notion of the average casino player or bettor.

Traditionally, gambling has been predominantly linked to males, although this association is quickly evolving. Recent research indicates that there has been a significant increase in the online gambling participation of women.

Research consistently affirms that around 30 to 40% of the current client base in the iGaming industry comprises women.

Nevertheless, the figures fluctuate based on the specific industry under consideration. Sweden has the highest % of female casino players, accounting for 32%. The United Kingdom follows with 30%, while Italy and Spain have 21% and 18% respectively.

The benefits of women’s involvement in iGaming 

There are several advantages to increasing female participation in the gaming and sports industry. Firstly, it aids in dismantling prejudices and demonstrates that individuals from any background can succeed in various sectors.

There is an intensifying rivalry between casinos and sportsbooks in their efforts to appeal to female clientele. Enhanced and intuitive goods and services specifically tailored for women. 

Furthermore, the growing representation of women leads to establishing more hygienic and user-centric casinos and sportsbooks. Ultimately, with the increasing participation of women in top positions within the sector, we may anticipate further favourable developments.

It’s more than wagers and working 

Women’s involvement in the gaming sector extends beyond mere participation as bettors or professionals. The inclusion of women in this sector has also precipitated a transformation in the marketing and perception of casino gaming and sports betting. Companies are currently developing marketing initiatives that are more inclusive and varied to attract the increasing population of female bettors.

Furthermore, women in the business have been actively leading the way in advocating for responsible gaming. They comprehend the significance of monitoring and regulating one’s betting tendencies, and their existence aids in advancing a more conscientious strategy for sports betting.

The future of women in the gambling industry 

Based on historical evidence, it is quite likely that there will be a further increase in the participation of women in these sectors. This is advantageous for all parties concerned since it implies that we will witness significant and favourable transformations, such as enhanced standards and increased accessibility.

Whether you are a woman seeking to engage in gambling and sports or a guy desiring to witness the industry’s ongoing expansion, there are several reasons for enthusiasm.

It will be intriguing to see the impact of women on the evolving landscape of gambling and sports betting. Given their heightened presence and active participation, we may anticipate favourable outcomes for the future of these businesses.

More women will start taking key positions in the industry

In conclusion, it is reasonable to anticipate further expansion in this domain. With increasing societal acceptance of gambling and the growing presence of women in key positions within the industry, we will certainly witness more transformations in the upcoming years.