Seven ways you can stay fit and feel good as you get older

Ageing is a natural process. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up living. Discover seven things you can do so stay young once your children leave home.

These days, people well into their 50s and even their 60s still work full-time and still enjoy an active lifestyle. And to help you stay healthier and enjoy the years to the full, here are seven ways you can stay fit and feel good. 

1) Remain active 

Your children are grown and gone, and you now have more time on your hands than you know what to do with. So what do you do with it?

The empty-nest syndrome is something that most parents will experience. Instead of becoming a late sleeper and a couch potato, use your newly found freedom to stay in shape. Take a long bike ride without having to worry about a return time or sign up for a gym.

Now that your weekends belong to you, why not try something new? Go horseback riding, run that marathon or purchase an electric skateboard and hit the streets. Staying active is a great way to stay young. 

2) Eat healthy food 

Now that the home consists of just you and your partner, you might stop cooking those good-for-you meals and opt for take-out instead.

But, while there’s nothing wrong with taking a night off here and there, fast food is not something you want to make a habit. Your body is not as forgiving as it was when you were younger and, as a result, one night of indulging in fast food can wipe away your success at the gym, give you severe heartburn, or even cause blockages in your skinny arteries.

So make sure you eat healthily as much as possible. The good news is that you can make wonderful meals in short order without having to slave over the stove. 

3) Drink water 

Your body is approximately 60% water. Yet despite all the talk on TV and in magazines, most people don’t drink enough of it.

Replenishing the supply keeps your body functioning superbly, like a well-oiled machine. Without it, you’ll feel tired and sluggish. Water is so important and does so much good for you. It keeps you hydrated, helps keep your nails and skin strong and healthy, it prevents pain and it energizes your body. You should drink between six to eight glasses each day. 

4) Socialize 

With the home suddenly quiet you will start to yearn for companionship. Remember how. just a few years ago you were in high demand with barely a minute to yourself? Now you have all this time and silence.

The good news is that you can get your fill of other people’s company and then return home and enjoy the peace and quiet. Join a book club or volunteer in your community; there’s always a need for a few extra hands. 

5) Stay in routine 

It’s easy to put things off for another day, especially when you don’t need to do them now. However, maintaining a routine will keep your mind sharp and your days productive. Plan activities for the week ahead and then stick to them. 

6) Find a purpose 

If your sole existence was raising children, you may find that now you feel empty. This can affect your thoughts and your sanity. Thankfully, avoiding too much alone time will keep you happy and healthy. Start a new hobby like painting, gardening or even mentoring. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as it’s gratifying and gives you purpose. 

7) Travel 

You have the time now to take trips to places you want to see. There’s no better time than now to turn your dreams into reality. Book a trip once a year to other countries or take a road trip and visit other parts of the state. 

People are living longer and, unlike just a few generations earlier, they are much healthier. Take care of yourself and fill your life with fun and exciting activities that keep you young in body and mind.  

Photo by andrew welch