What are your rules for life?

Every Sunday, the Daring & Mighty Katie Phillips will be sharing a blog with us – to help fill you with positive energy and enthusiasm, ready for the busy week ahead!

In this, her second weekly blog for us, Katie explains why having a set of rules for life are so important (we spend so much of our time making rules and plans for our careers and business, but often overlook the fundamentals of our own lives), and shares her own.

What are your rules for life?

I have spent the last couple of weeks in a permanent state of immense gratitude. Honestly, barely a moment has gone by that I haven’t had a quiet chat with the universe to declare just how blessed I feel to be living this life that I have chosen.

It really wasn’t that long ago that I lived a rather different existence – in survival mode. Part of the secret to escaping my victim mindset and creating a life that I love stemmed from discovering and re-defining my values – something we delve into on the ‘Be Daring & Mighty’ programme.

Taking my values a step further, I wrote my ‘Life Rules’ – rules that I live by. These aren’t rules and expectations that others have created, they’re my own special set.

I am always very transparent and honest when I write, and today is no different. With total openness and vulnerability I will share with you my Life Rules. I hope they inspire you to create your own very special set. It’s a wonderful way to get total clarity on the life you intend to have (ooh, there’s that magical word again – intention!).

The rules that I live by

  • I love myself, unconditionally.
  • I honour my Spirit and nurture myself with activities that feed my soul (candles, cozy blankets, good food, a clean and organised home, walking in nature and on the beach, meditating, baths, the spa, being near water/ocean, my garden, horse-riding, yoga, early nights, holidays, massage, time out, colour, art, beauty, vibrancy, movies, music)
  • My son has the best of me. Always.
  • Before I make any decision I question if it is loving towards my son and I.
  • I have a voice. I am brave and can express myself clearly.
  • I shine. I am proud to express who I am. I surround myself with colour, vibrancy, music, art and inspiration.
  • I am a student of life. Learning something new everyday means I am growing and being inspired. If I am growing, I am living.
  • My work is my joy and inspiration. I am not designed to work hard. I am designed to work with passion and balance. If it feels hard, I will stop and re-assess. My work is effortless and joyful.
  • My purpose is to inspire others – and myself in the process – so I practice what I preach. That raises my vibration and the vibration of others around me.
  • Time out creates time.
  • I know that the exchange of money is an exchange of energy. I am remunerated according to the value I give others. And I give great value! I love to give. I equally love to receive.
  • I expect financial abundance because I know there is a limitless supply for all. Financial freedom allows me to support my highest values – serving myself, my son, my clients, my friends and family.
  • I love to travel so I plan at least 4 holidays a year which involve getting on a plane! One of those is child-free. An injection of new cultures, languages and food are soul nourishing.
  • I enjoy planning day every month. This is a meeting with me and I plan holidays, courses, self nurturing activities, fun things to do with my son, fun stuff to do on my own, business growth, wealth creation, time with friends and family and general Daring & Mightiness!
  • I remember birthdays! I send cards to my friends and family.
  •  I plan get togethers with friends and family. I am even brave enough to cook for them! I love to entertain and I love to be surrounded by the energy of high vibrational people.
  • I plan time away with my gal pals! An injection of girl power at least twice a year is non negotiable.
  • I am creating a life I can share with others.
  • I am creating a life that includes my intimate life partner. Together we are a powerful force.
  • I make me happy. Joy starts in my heart.
  • I choose my reality from a selection of limitless possibility.
  • I listen to inspired thought. I take hints from the Universe. I take action. I am a doer!
  • I start my day with an intention.
  • I choose every day to accept where I am. To feel my emotions, knowing that passing through them means getting to the other side. The other side is an evolved, fully present, higher vibrational me!
  • I choose every day to create a life I love. I know my thoughts today are my experience tomorrow.
  • I keep a gratitude and success journal!
  • I ‘vision’ the life I am manifesting, morning and night.

What are your rules?

Do you have any rules for your life? If not, why not start making a list? It’s the perfect Sunday afternoon quite time activity (if there’s any quiet time in a house with kids!).

Katie Phillips is the founder of Daring & Mighty, an organisation committed to sharing the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself.