Ruby birthstone jewelry for bridesmaids for a summer wedding

Want your bridesmaids to make a memorable impression at your summer wedding? Here are five ruby birthstone jewelry pieces to complete their look in style.

Ruby, the bright red stone that glows with the color of love, can be your best pick for a wedding. But the gemstone is more than that. Ruby is also the July birthstone.

So, if you’re planning your wedding in July, the gemstone can send out good vibrations on your special day. It will shine as vividly as the summer sun and help your bridesmaids make a style statement at your wedding.

Shades of red, especially wine, are popular colors for bridesmaid dresses. So, what could be better to complete their look than with exquisite jewelry with accents in ruby stones? So, here are 5 amazing yet affordable jewelry pieces to choose from for your bridesmaids.

1) Ruby and sapphire bolo bracelet

Sometimes, a fashionable bracelet is enough to make a statement, and no other jewelry is needed. This is especially true if your bridesmaids’ dresses are strappy. So, shop for sterling silver bolo bracelets in a combination of ruby birthstone and white sapphires.

The bolo style will take care of all your worries regarding the fit of the bracelets. Why? That’s because each bridesmaid can use the bolo clasp to adjust the length of the bracelet to fit her wrist perfectly.

The gemstone jewelry will look fascinating in the contrasting red and white stones. If your bridesmaids will hold white flowers, the bracelet will perfectly complement the combination of their dress with the flowers.

2) Ruby halo cocktail ring

Do you want your ladies to make a fashion statement at your wedding? You need a stunning cocktail ring for that. Check out sterling silver cushion-cut ruby birthstone halo cocktail rings lined with white sapphires for your bridesmaids.

The magnificent cushion cut of the ruby will add a royal appeal to their look. The thin lining of sapphires will strike a contrast with the central stone. The July birthstone ring will stand out just like the classic halter-neck dress you can pair with the ring as the bridesmaids’ dresses. The ladies can tie their hair in an up-do to highlight the neckline.

3) Ruby triple heart pendant necklace

A wedding is a union of two hearts and souls. So, why not choose the heart theme when you pick gemstone jewelry for your bridesmaids? For instance, choose sterling silver triple heart ruby birthstone pendant necklaces lined with diamonds for the ladies. You can even turn them into personalized gifts by asking the seller to engrave their names on their respective pendants.

The triple heart pendant can add visual depth to a V-neck bridesmaid’s dress. So, pair the necklaces with V-neck silk dresses in an A-line fit for a flowy look. The unique design of the July birthstone necklace will help make an effortless style statement.

4) Ruby teardrop drop earrings

Drop earrings make for classic and elegant jewelry. If your wedding theme is more formal, you can choose these earrings for your favorite ladies. For instance, sterling silver pear-cut ruby teardrop drop earrings bordered with diamonds could be the perfect pick.

The ruby birthstone jewelry will look flattering with off-shoulder dresses. This look will need an updo for the hair too making it a gorgeous look.

5) Ruby heart jewelry set

Want to dress your bridesmaids in a full heart-shaped birthstone jewelry set? Then shop online for a gemstone jewelry set of ruby and cubic zirconia heart pendant necklace, stud earrings, and ring in yellow gold over sterling silver. The jewelry set will look lovely with off-shoulder red dresses with delicate lacework. The overall look will be absolutely graceful.

Shop for gemstone jewelry online from one of the leading jewelry websites that offer a variety of designs in ruby jewelry at the most competitive rates and attractive discounts. Also, check whether the store offers free shipping and easy returns to make your shopping experience completely hassle-free.